Clinton Campaign Video: “Make America the Clean Energy SuperPower”

July 26, 2015

“Future generations will look back and wonder, what were we thinking? How could we possibly be so irresponsible?”

So begins a remarkable campaign commercial that may go down in significance with some of the memorable campaign themes of the past.  In rolling this out, the Clinton campaign is declaring a “Moon Shot” effort to “make America the world’s Clean Energy Super Power.”

Goals for an ambitious program include:

– A half billion solar panels installed by the end of her first term.

– Generate enough renewable energy to power every home in America within 10 years.

This does not have the flavor of a throwaway campaign slogan.  The Campaign is placing a pretty big bet that this theme will resonate – and I think if it continues to be messaged like this, there’s a chance it will be.

Nothing here about a price on carbon, so if that’s part of what is promised to be an extensive discussion, it will be interesting to see how they roll it out.

UPDATE: Press coverage begins



The Clinton package is incomplete, however. Unlike her rivals in the Democratic presidential contest, Clinton has yet to take a position on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, which would transport oil from the Canadian tar sands to Gulf Coast ports. She also has yet to weigh in on a campaign to ban hydraulic fracturing nationwide, or to take a firm position on offshore oil drilling.

The proposal Clinton released Sunday for boosting solar installations by 700% is vague on details about how it would be funded.

Clinton continues to enjoy a commanding lead among Democratic primary voters. She seems unconcerned by the more detailed and aggressive proposals offered by challengers within her party.

Clinton’s plan, which campaign officials said is just the first part of a larger platform that will be rolled out gradually, appeared to be aimed squarely at distinguishing her from Republicans.

In a campaign video detailing her plan, Clinton said, “It’s hard to believe there are people running for president who still refuse to accept the settled science of climate change, who would rather remind us they’re not scientists than listen to those who are.”

As Clinton speaks in the video, quotes from GOP candidates expressing skepticism that global warming is a real threat appear on the screen. Climate change has proved a challenging issue for Republican politicians, many of whom are critical of energy policies aimed at curbing it.

Polls show that most voters believe climate change is a real threat and they want action taken. But voters also rarely cite it as their top concern.

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