Chris Field Named Outstanding Climate Change Communicator

July 25, 2015

Commonwealth Club:

Climate One at The Commonwealth Club announced today that Dr. Chris Field will be awarded the fifth annual Stephen H. Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication. Dr. Field is Director of the Department of Global Ecology, Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University. The $15,000 award is given to a natural or social scientist who has made extraordinary scientific contributions and communicated that knowledge to a broad public in a clear and compelling fashion. The award was established in honor of Stephen Henry Schneider, one of the founding fathers of climatology, who died in 2010.

One Response to “Chris Field Named Outstanding Climate Change Communicator”

  1. omnologos Says:

    He’s got a total of three appearances on Climatecrocks and I wonder how many people have heard his compelling and clear communication. really.

    Is this a ticket for IPCC chairmanship?

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