Lonnie and Koni: The Ice Men Speaketh

July 13, 2015

I hope you’ll take a look at this one. It might sneak up on you.

My first piece since getting back from Greenland – I interviewed Konrad Steffen at a scientific conference in Ilulissat in early june, and was so struck by his vivid style of communication, that I paired him with some equally colorful stories from Byrd Polar Center legend Lonnie Thompson, who I captured with John Cook in a historic series of interviews last December in San Francisco.

A hundred years from now, people will watch and scratch their heads.

6 Responses to “Lonnie and Koni: The Ice Men Speaketh”

  1. fjpollack Says:

    I liked the video so much, I transcribed the last 3 sentences from Lonnie Thompson, which provide a perfect summary:

    “I think it was 1992 when I first testified at the US senate, on climate change. Back then I talked about prevention. So that time has come and gone. I think now its the mitigation, adaptation, or the suffering.”

  2. firstdano Says:

    Very well done Peter, thank you.



  3. firstdano Says:

    A note: sound at end is not clear and credits brightness should come up a bit. But the message and the delivery are the stars of this show.



  4. peterangelo Says:

    Hey Peter,

    great video but I don’t think the fucktwits in Lansing MI have gotten the message:


    today I woke up with a sense of dread and that feeling won’t be abating anytime soon till something imore constructive comes about!!!


  5. Really good! I think I see what you mean by “sneak up on you.” An introduction to two seasoned experts with some of their personal history, what they have been seeing out in the field, what they expect for the future and the possible political ramifications. Mitigation, adaptation or suffering. Or more likely some of each. Interesting times ahead, it would seem.

  6. That last comment: “In 1992 I talked about prevention – that time has come and gone. Now is the time for mitigation, adaptation and suffering.” Way too much talk about mitigation and adaptation, because it’s an economic hook to engage the RWNJ, but noone wants to face the suffering part, esp if they are mostly not us!

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