Jim Inhofe: There is No Climate Change. My Gay Friends are Upset with the Supreme Court.

June 27, 2015

Thin line between denial and delusional.

Raw Story:

Republican senator from Oklahoma, who once brought a snowball onto the Senate floor to disprove climate change, expressed his dismay with the Supreme Court clearing the path for same sex marriages nationwide, adding he has friends in the gay community who agree with him.

Sen. James Inhofe (R) told KJRH that the U.S. Supreme Court is “A very liberal court and we saw what happened last week,” referring to an earlier court decision allowing  the Affordable Care Act to continue forward.

Adding, “They haven’t ruled right on anything in a long time,” Inhofe turned to Friday’s landmark decision making same sex marriage the law of the land, saying he has gay friends who agreed with him that it was decided improperly.

“I’ve been disappointed, and I was not surprised. I thought they would rule the way they did. I know a lot of people, actually a lot of people who are friends of mine in the gay community, who also think it was a bad decision,” he explained.

Below, another, more revealing quote, hints what the Senator thinks of his friends in the gay community – and suggests he’s in denial about a lot more than climate.


8 Responses to “Jim Inhofe: There is No Climate Change. My Gay Friends are Upset with the Supreme Court.”

  1. MorinMoss Says:

    “All my gay friends”.
    Yeah, we know there are plenty of closeted gays in the Republican party.

    And Jimmy, that line wasn’t acceptable back when “black” was used in the place of “gay”.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Inhofe is the gift that just keeps on giving. You talk about a thin line between denial and delusional? Inhofe at the age of 80 has crossed the line into dementia, which may explain his denial of so many truths and his delusional belief in his own infallibility. (And the fact that Oklahomans vote for him doesn’t say much about their mental acuity either. Reminds me of the way Alabamans liked George Wallace).

  3. Dennis Cox Says:

    The Senator has promised to introduce his gay friends to the rest of the world soon as he returns from Narnia.

  4. Jean Mcmahon Says:

    Inhofe just lies all the time

  5. indy222 Says:

    yaknow….. I think the geneticists ought to have a look at this guy. I’m not so sure any more that the Neandertal line really did die out.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Don’t be unkind to the Neanderthals. Just because they are “older” doesn’t make them inferior. One of the reasons they “died out” was that our more “advanced” forebears killed many of them and ate them.

      Inhofe and his fossil fuel and free-market friends are modern cannibals in a metaphorical way. In that sense, Inhofe may be the highest expression of the worst genes that “modern” man carries. The Wetiko lives!

  6. I don’t recall their outrage after the Hobby Lobby decision to allow a company to discriminate against gays … oh wait … right.

  7. Sir Charles Says:

    Inhofe is just one of theses Greedy Lying Bastards who should be jailed.

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