Pope Goes Rope a Dope on Climate Villains

June 15, 2015

I’m back in civilization, at Kangerlussuaq International Science Support right now, soon to catch a plane to Copenhagen.

Had enough time to pop open email, and found this very funny gem about the Pope’s upcoming encyclical. More than worth a watch.

I’ll update on Dark Snow 2015 over coming days, should be back in the US in a day or two.


8 Responses to “Pope Goes Rope a Dope on Climate Villains”

  1. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    Definitely worth sharing far and wide.

  2. Someone needs to post this on Facebook.

  3. Sean Munger Says:

    This is the most epic thing I have ever seen!

  4. dumboldguy Says:

    Welcome back to civilization. Your posts have been missed—-the other climate sites are nowhere near as much fun as Crock.

  5. indy222 Says:

    Hah! Love it. Find more like this, to leaven our despair….

  6. Reposed on helenofmarlowe.wordpress.com

    I hope that was ok.

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