More Research links Warming Arctic to Extremes

June 4, 2015

Dr. Jennifer Francis is back with more research linking Arctic warming to the erratic jet stream we’ve seen in recent extreme events.

No time for details but here is the CBS report.

7 Responses to “More Research links Warming Arctic to Extremes”

  1. ubrew12 Says:

    It’s really welcoming to see this kind of research (even if still somewhat debated) enter the public conversation. And its also about time, considering what we are up against in the near future.

  2. Sir Charles Says:

    The theory that a warming Arctic is causing wavier polar jet streams and within more weather extremes in the Northern hemisphere should be well established and confirmed by now.

  3. neilrieck Says:

    Meanwhile, some democracies are actually seeing science as the enemy. Here are some recent examples from Canada. “Science Under Siege”

  4. redskylite Says:

    Stunning 42 minute documentary video from Deutsche Welle on approaching tipping points, contains research from the Greenland ice sheet, includes Prof Tim Lenton (U of Exeter) and Alan Hubbard (Aberystwyth). Also discusses Amazon region and ENSO risks includes Prof. Peter Cox (Exeter)…

  5. NevenA Says:

    Thanks for this, Peter. Reposted it at the Arctic Sea Ice Blog.

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