In Rome, Deniers Warn Pope of “Climate-Communist Science”

April 27, 2015

The atmosphere was electric at a packed press conference as climate deniers called on the Pope to stop listening to

The atmosphere was electric at a packed press conference as climate deniers called on the Pope to stop listening to “climate – Communist” science.

Desmog UK:

The increasingly eccentric Lord Monckton played ringmaster to Dr Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance and Marc Morano from CFACT in a curious performance hosted by the Heartland Institute.

These groups have all be funded by “dark money” from the secretive Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund , which have in turn been funded by the oil billionaire Koch Brothers.

The circus has arrived to catch a free media ride on the official delegation meeting the head of the Catholic Church at the Vatican, including Ban Ki Moon from the United Nations and the economist Jeff Sachs.

Papal Persecution

Lord Monckton, a lifelong Catholic, has already attacked Pope Francis claiming his approaching encyclical is “a climate-Communist” text.

Monckton made an extraordinary speech in which he warned the pope against making a statement against climate change by citeing the persecution of Galileo and “murder” of Giordano Bruno by the church.
“That decision to enter into the realm of science resonates and does harm to Holy Mother Church to this day,” he argued. “So your Highness – do not do this again.”
Here, Monckton claims to have cured AIDS. (at 3:04)

Monckton has previously attacked a climate change policy advisor and a young Jewish student as Nazis and used a swastika in a presentation to illustrate his point. He has also claimed only religious people, and preferably Christians, should conduct climate research.

The one-time junior Tory party advisor attended the Conference of the Parties climate talks in Doha paid for by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), only to be permanently banned for impersonating an official UN delegate.

Publicly Flogged

Morano runs Climate Depot which regularly publishes the emails of climate scientists, prompting a barrage of hate mail and death threats. He has said of climate scientists: “I seriously believe we should kick them while they’re down – they deserve to be publicly flogged.”

See my interview with Marc Morano here:

Desmog again:

Climate Depot is a project of CFACT, which has received more than $4.1million in funds from the Donors Trust and the Donors Capital Fund in the decade to 2011 – and a further $582,000 directly from ExxonMobil during a similar period.

Beisner, who has a Phd in Scottish history, fears environmentalists are “the greatest threat to Western civilisation” as it unites “the utopian vision of Marxism, the scientific facade of secular humanism, and the religious fanaticism of jihad.”

He is the founder and spokesman for the Cornwall Alliance, a project of the James Partnership. The partnership received more than half of its $340,000 in funding from the Donors Trust, which in turn has benefited from the generosity of the Kochs.

Below, see Cal Beisner tell young earth creationists they can mentally adjust graphs to suit their ideology.(at 2:03)


21 Responses to “In Rome, Deniers Warn Pope of “Climate-Communist Science””

    • greenman3610 Says:

      A thousand times, on a thousand different denialist sites.
      Do you have a question?

      • If you want to ask a question with a religious angle yourself, how about this one? Which is the bigger sin, failing to stop a so-called global warming crisis which has potentially fatal credibility problems with its underlying science assessments, or breaking the 9th Commandment in order to be sure skeptic scientists’ viewpoints aren’t taken seriously?

        • Gingerbaker Says:

          And if virtually every scientist and scientific organization is not involved in a conspiracy, and they are correct about AGW, and you are wrong – will you accept your moral complicity in the deaths of millions of people like the good little Christian boy you pretend to be?

          Or will you just slough that off as easily as you slough off facts and logic?

          • dumboldguy Says:

            And if virtually every scientist and scientific organization is not involved in a conspiracy, and they are correct about AGW, and you are wrong – will you accept your moral complicity in the deaths of millions of people like the good little Christian boy you pretend to be?

            Shhhhhh! Don’t bring up “facts and logic” around Russell. That’s like spraying holy water on a vampire, and we don’t want Russell screaming and thrashing as he smokes and melts before our eyes.

            Russell has treated us to yet another of his “constructs”—-a house of cards, a row of straw men, multiple and unsupported bald assertions, interlocking non sequiturs—-whatever you care to call it all. Russell is good at stringing together the horsepucky and trying to make something of it.

            1) Since there are NO “potentially fatal credibility problems with the underlying science assessments” of AGW by climate scientists, BUT
            2) There are ACTUALLY “fatal credibility problems with the underlying science assessments” of the deniers, AND
            3) The “skeptic scientists’ viewpoints aren’t taken seriously” because they are a bunch of whores for the fossil fuel industry (as is Russell)………

            Therefore the only one breaking the 9th Commandment here is Russell, and he will burn in hell for it when the Rapture comes (and Michelle Bachmann says it’s near).

            (PS Russell will be moved to one of the hottest circles of hell along with all the other deniers because of their deliberate and willful ecocide.)

            Which is the bigger sin, failing to stop a so-called global warming crisis which has potentially fatal credibility problems with its underlying science assessments, or in order to be sure skeptic scientists’ viewpoints aren’t taken seriously?

          • dumboldguy Says:

            OOOPS Had copied some of GB’s and Russell’s comments into the reply box for easy reference while writing my own comment—–forgot to delete them. First and last paragraphs are redundant. Sorry.

    • “Reason‘s Ronald Bailey asked what it would take to convince conservatives and libertarians that global warming is real.”

      A goal post on a infinite loop.

    • ubrew12 Says:

      That’s the first person I would ask about what constitutes ‘proof’ on global warming: an Ayn-Rand acolyte with a Degree in Philosophy. It’s the same reason I hire a plumber to fix my car (of course, the car doesn’t run but it does flush perfectly!).

      Here is a quote for Tracinski: “there is no such thing as a scientific proof… Proofs exist only in mathematics and logic… The currently accepted theory… is simply the best explanation for it among all available alternatives”

  1. dmfant Says:

    Reblogged this on synthetic zero and commented:
    climate communist science sounds great, sign me up!

  2. sailrick Says:

    In todays Scientific American article on the Popes upcoming climate conference, Steve Moore of he Heritage Foundation was quoted warning the Pope that he was aligning himself with the “far left”.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Since Jesus was an unabashed liberal, doesn’t it make perfect sense for Francis to align himself with the “left”?

  3. neilrieck Says:

    The deniers always crack me up whenever they mention Galileo vs. the church. What we all know today is this: Galileo’s work was based upon science while the church’s view was based upon religious dogma. Today it is the the non-think think tanks representing the church of big-money who deny the science. Put another why, Monckton is not worthy to stand in Galileo’s shadow or invoke Galileo’s name.

    • Your position would work out fabulously if only you could actually prove that the folks you term “deniers” really do deny climate change (or what you-all used to call global warming), or that places like CFACT and Heartland don’t ‘think’, or that they operate under strict instructions to lie and fabricate reports under a cut-off of money if they don’t. Say what you wish about Monckton, but you notice how his challenges to AGW believers to debate science points go unmet.

      Meanwhile, it seems you characters are constantly oblivious of the parallels when it comes to characterizing AGW as a religion: unquestioned faith in what you are told, coming from charismatic speakers who screech about the perils of giving one second’s worth of listening time to critic heretics’ blasphemy. Skeptic analyze both sides, Monckton literally wants to hear what Al Gore or Barry Bickmore has to say on the same stage in front of a live audience, and Heartland’s NIPCC reports openly cite IPCC material in order to make the points they make. You-all constantly pretend the other side does not exist…. in other words, thou shalt not have no other global warming gods before me. Pure religious dogma.

      • ubrew12 Says:

        “Monckton… wants to hear… Al Gore… Skeptic analyze both sides” Both sides of what? This is a scientific issue and neither of the guys you just mentioned is a scientist. Why is that? I’m sorry, but a true skeptic would immediately wonder why you want to debate a scientific issue without scientists. Lord Monckton can’t even establish that he’s a Lord, why would you believe that he’s a scientist?

        • skeptictmac57 Says:

          Ha ha! I loved those videos. Hadfield really ripped Monckton a new one, and then followed it up and defended himself smartly on WUWT.
          For a good while, it seemed like Monckton’s defenders were going quiet, especially after his antics in Arizona buddying up to right-wingnut Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and going full birther. And then the Aids and cancer cure pseudo-science fiasco showing that he was truly off the reservation, should have relegated him to the dustbin, but you know what environmentalists have always said is true, in that there is no “away” when we throw trash “away”. It can come back to cause us more problems.

      • Gingerbaker Says:

        Hey Russell

        Freud called. He wants his psychosis back.

        And how come – I say Lordie, Lordie good golly Lord above……. how COME!? … when I googled your name, this was the first entry:

      • dumboldguy Says:

        “OUR” position has worked out “fabulously” because AGW (the proper term for what we’re discussing) is real, and more evidence piles up every day that it has negatively overlain the “normal” climate change that is always occurring.

        You wander the streets like some demented homeless person, Russell—-going up to people and accosting them with your rantings about “prove the skeptics are paid whores for the fossil fuel interests and deliberately lie”.

        We don’t have to do that because we concentrate on the science of AGW, and there is no doubt that it is occurring—-the more we learn, the worse it seems to get.

        CFACT, Heartland, and NIPCC are simply lying shills and fronts for the fossil fuel interests—-it is self-evident, and no amount of your whining for “proof” is going to change that FACT.

        Monckton’s challenges to AGW believers to debate science points go unmet because he is a fool and a charlatan who has no science background. Scientists do not “debate” science with the “demented homeless people” (like you and Monckton) that wander in off the street.

        You show much delusion and desperation in your second paragraph, Russell. “Skeptics analyze both sides”, you say? First, you will NEVER gain one ounce of credibility as long as you keep using the term “skeptics” rather than “deniers” (of science, rational analysis, truth, and honesty). Have you ever looked at the title of this blog? Monckton only wants to gain credibility for his half-assed ideas by being allowed “on the same stage in front of a live audience” as real scientists and legitimate spokespeople, and since he is NOT a scientist and has no “truth” to bring, he should be denied the opportunity. Let him speak at Heartland gatherings where ignorance of science and dishonesty seem to be the norm.

        “We-all” do not pretend the other side does not exist—-it in fact does NOT exist, except in the minds of the paid whores like you who would have to get real jobs if Heartland stopped paying you. The “pure religious dogma” is only on the side of the deniers, and it’s really just driven by greed.

        It’s time for you to GO AWAY, Russell. You have gotten your Heartland time card punched and earned your whore’s dollar. Come back in a month. And when you do, please throw away the broken record and talk to us about some science. I AM STILL WAITING TO HEAR YOU TALK ABOUT ARCTIC SEA ICE. I have asked you to do so many many times, but all you want to do is talk about “…and on page 259…Gelbspan/Gore…”.

  4. dumboldguy Says:

    You could not write a better movie script or assemble a better cast (since the Three Stooges, the Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, and Abbott and Costello have all passed on). Monckton, Morono, and Beisner? LOL. And produced and directed by Heartland and funded by the Donors Trust and the Kochs? It’s a shoo-in for an Oscar.

    (And the Delingpole-Monckton and the clueless Morono xcips are two of my all time favorites on Crock. As are the lead photo and caption for this post).

  5. skeptictmac57 Says:

    I have a secular world view, but it amazes me that more christians don’t view trashing the earth’s ecosystem as a “sin”, and that god just might not like that, and “punish” man for his transgressions. I mean, that’s really what’s going on here, just minus the supernatural part (IMOHO).

  6. mbrysonb Says:

    These guys are so crazy, they just might manage to give communism a good name. (The bugaboo of the extreme right– always there, under the bed, behind the unions and now in control of science itself– those plotters must be doing something right!)

  7. […] are attending the summit in Rome with scientists from the Heartland Institute, a conservative think-tank backed by the US philanthropist Charles […]

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