Don’t Need a Weatherman. But on the Other Hand, it Wouldn’t Hurt.

April 16, 2015


Washington Post:

More than 90 percent of 464 broadcast meteorologists who responded to a 2015 survey agree climate change is happening and, of those, 74 percent believe human activity is at least half responsible, states “A National Survey of Broadcast Meteorologists About Climate Change: Initial Findings”, from the George Mason University (GMU) Center for Climate Change Communication.

These numbers represent about a 10 percent increase from survey results published by GMU in 2011 when 82 percent of respondents agreed global warming was happening and, of those, about 65 percent felt human activity was at least half to blame.

“The current findings do suggest a higher level of engagement in climate change among members of the broadcast meteorology community,” said Ed Maibach, lead author of the report.

Dan Satterfield, a broadcast meteorologist in Salisbury, Maryland, blogged that the report results echo what he has observed anecdotally among his peers: More television weathercasters are accepting climate science findings.  “I’m not the only one who has noticed it, because I frequently hear talk about it from colleagues at various conferences,” Satterfield wrote.

Survey results show a large majority (over 75 percent) of broadcast meteorologists now believe climate change will affect the weather in their regions over the next 50 years, from increasing heat waves to hurricanes.

Daily Kos:

The meteorologist problem culminated in December 2013, when Heartland sent out a press release that misrepresented an American Meteorological Society survey and distorted valid results to portray meteorologists as confused on climate change. Heartland went to great lengths to trick those who received the email, even using an AMS-looking email (“”) and an AMS logo for disguise, instead of a Heartland address or logo. The press release only ever mentions Heartland in the fine print. In response, the AMS issued a statement condemning the deceptive release.

Keith Seitter, Executive Director, American Meteorological Society:

Earlier this week, the Heartland Institute appears to have sent an extensive e-mail blast with what is more or less a press release for a paper that will appear in an upcoming issue of BAMS entitled “Meteorologists’ Views about Global Warming: A Survey of American Meteorological Society Professional Members” (in full disclosure, I am a coauthor on this paper).  A disturbing aspect of this e-mail is that it seems some effort was placed in making it appear to have been sent by AMS.  It was sent from an e-mail account with AMS in the name (though not from the “” domain) and featured the AMS logo prominently (used without permission from AMS).  Only in the fine print at the bottom was it clear that this apparently came from the Heartland Institute.  The text of the e-mail reports results from the study far differently than I would, leaving an impression that is at odds with how I would characterize those results.

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    Your Bizarro cartoon sure reminds me of Pippa the Weather girl:

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