The Weekend Wonk: Jim White at AGU

April 4, 2015

Viewers may recognize Jim White from previous posts, he was leader of a National Academy of Science study on Abrupt climate change, and our team interviewed him in San Francisco in 2013.
Jim was also the voice-over in my Florida sea level rise video that talked about the ban on the word “climate change” – 4 months before the national brouhaha we’ve seen on that – I’m convinced that the subsequent news stories and national kerfuffle arose from the posting of that video.

Here Dr. White is addressing an audience at December’s AGU meeting, and summarizing the science of abrupt change.

My video on that topic is below.

4 Responses to “The Weekend Wonk: Jim White at AGU”

  1. climatehawk1 Says:

    It’s a lengthy video, but well worth the time, as Jim White is an excellent communicator–one of the best I’ve encountered in the science realm–and has clearly put a lot of thought into his talk.

  2. redskylite Says:

    Interesting and entertaining speech delivered enthusiastically and fluently, despite Dr. White suffering with a cold. Good closing with 3 strong ethical pointers. I would have been interested to know if any progress had been made in setting up an Abrupt Change Early Warning System.

    Take away quote “We should be ready, but are not”.

  3. Ed McGaa Says:

    Who is the Berkley Scientist that went to work for the Koch brothers as a CC Denier. I am a Harper/Collins 50 x reprinted author among 10 others. Mother Earth Spirituality. This guy recently refuted his past pro-
    Denial statements. Eagleman4@aol,com Ed McGaa, JD

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