More Than Scientists: New Campaign Humanizes Climate Researchers

March 30, 2015

In coming to know hundreds of oceanographers, atmospheric scientists, glaciologists and other climate specialists over the last few years, I am continually struck by the humor, warmth, creativity, smarts, and humanity of the people working in these fields.
Most folks don’t get to meet a lot of full time scientists in their day-to-day lives, and a new video series seeks to remedy that.

“More than Scientists” is a new social media project that seeks to bring a human face to the people involved in this very special work, and they’re producing a series of really well done videos that I think should get a wide audience.

Science – The disciplines are as diverse as life on earth. A problem of global scale requires everyone: from physicists to physicians, marine biologists to atmospheric chemists, ice to fire ecologists, from the soil to the upper atmosphere, it takes us all.

We are scientists. We span the fields of scientific inquiry, span the political spectrum, and the nation. We are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, understanding. We represent the more than 97% of scientists who believe climate change is happening, that it is due to our actions and that it is within our power to keep it from being devastating.

But we aren’t just scientists inside labs and academia. We are people like you, with hopes and dreams and loved ones. We are mothers, fathers, farmers, fishermen, hikers, hunters, …

… And we’re concerned.

We are more than scientists.
It will take more than science.
It will take us all, working together, for a better future.


The effort, which is privately funded and led by climate activist Eric Michelman, seeks to forge a better connection between scientists and the general public who hear the results of their work.

in an interview with Mashable, Michelman said the scientists themselves are getting lost in the debates surrounding what to do about global warming, and how serious the problem is.

“We don’t hear from them directly, and that’s a real shame because it feeds into this mischaracterization that’s going on all the time,” he said. “Our thought is what better way to get the info out there … than to hear directly from the scientists.”

So far, More Than Scientists has released over 200 videos on its website, and is working with environmental groups nationwide to spread the word. The campaign is also seeking submissions from scientists worldwide to contribute their own videos.

Michelman, a semi-retired software engineer based in the Seattle area, said most people have no idea what a climate scientist does all day, and that this can distort their views of scientific findings: “There is no strong connection between the scientific community and the general public.”

“We think this will help the message,” he said, adding that More Than Scientists could encourage people to accept and identify with both the message and messenger.


13 Responses to “More Than Scientists: New Campaign Humanizes Climate Researchers”

  1. John Says:

    Reblogged this on jpratt27.

  2. John Says:

    Climate scientists are true heroes on the front lines of the climate wars.

  3. omnologos Says:

    Has anyone ever demonstrated that one of the issues be the “lack of humanity”?

    This seems a solution in search of a problem. As far as I am concerned scientivists are all too human

    Ps Whaaast

    pps Lord love a duck

    • redskylite Says:

      Joshua J. Lawler, Luanne Thompson, Dargan Frierson and Erika Navarro are all well respected scientists who have been through University, worked hard and achieved high degree of merit.

      “Scientivists” is a completely invented word (not to be found in any decent dictionary) made up by miserable people who try and paint scientists as activists. People who cannot accept truth through whatever unfathomable reason.

      Would you call any other scientists in any other fields the same name ?, how about E.F Cobb who most likely launched your bread and butter career, by making relational databases a science at I.B.M.

      This video does show the scientists to be human and approachable, a few people I know perceive scientists and academics to be patronizing and arrogant, this series puts that idea to rest and is well worth making.

      • omnologos Says:

        You’ve sidestepped my objection. Call the scientists what you’d like. Imho some of them are scientivists, scientists by career but activists by vocation. They’re very human with their idealism and I don’t need no video to understand that. Of course even the non-activist scientists are humans as well, who would doubt that? So once again: videos of the human side of being a scientist will solve any problem caused by people being unaware of the fact that scientists have a human side. How many such people exist? None of them among the climate change alarmists, and none of them among the skeptics. So the videos will serve an audience of zero.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Here comes the WHAT? and Lord love a duck!

          It is far too early to disparage a “can do no harm and maybe it will help” effort like this.

          You are nothing but an attention seeker, Omno, and you have demonstrated once again with this comment what a mess of porridge inhabits your brain case. Go away.

          • omnologos Says:

            Not disparaging at all. It’s just a pity to see another wasteful effort. Plus the inevitable failure will reinforce sentiments of victimization among the greens

        • If you’ve ever read the comment sections on reports about climate change, it immediately becomes obvious that many people in fact do NOT view climate scientists as humans. Instead, they view them as evil villains out to destroy freedom. That separation from humanity in peoples’ minds is dangerous in my opinion, because it allows people to justify any means of suppressing their voices, or threatening their lives even, because instead of being real people they are “enemies”.

  4. Why can’t I comment? It keeps telling me I’m not logged in, even though I clearly am.

  5. […] I’ve posted before on the “More than Scientists” campaign that is working in video media to humanize the science and scientists behind climate change. Here are a couple that present scientists in informal settings simply talking about how climate change has already impacted them personally, and how it concerns them about those impacts multiplied in the lives of billions of other human beings. […]

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