Ted X: They Laughed at Galileo, too…

March 26, 2015


“…the fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright Brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.” – Carl Sagan

This is going rather well.
One of my projects this year is to amplify as much as possible the true face of climate denial – starting with Strom,..ahem..James Inhofe, who is to climate as Strom Thurmond was to civil rights.  Now, another plum has fallen into my lap, with Senator Ted Cruz inserting himself prominently as yet another ideal face for the climate denial movement.

Not only is the Senator from Texas a demonstrated race baiter, and a self promoting, Dr. Suess reading bomb thrower – he has shown himself to be consistently and increasingly unpopular even among his own party, and the right wing media itself.
So the Ted Cruz demographic tracks pretty close to the climate denial demographic, on the extreme right wing fringes of American politics – right where I think it should be in people’s minds.

So far so good.

Now the gentleman from Texas has gone so far as to compare himself to Galileo.

Here is the relevant portion of the Texas Tribune interview in which Cruz makes the bizarre claim.. so jammed with climate denial nonsense that one hardly knows where to begin.

Cruz, when challenged by the interviewer on whether he is “out of step” with younger voters, responds that, at a rally the day before, with “12,000 college students”, the atmosphere was “electric”.
One can only assume Cruz was talking about the event at Evangelical conservative Liberty University, which has been well tracked in the social media. Judge for yourself whether the electric charge was positive or negative.

Daily Dot:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told the world on Monday morning that he was running for president, surprising exactly no one. Cruz made the initial announcement on Twitter and then followed it up with a speech at Liberty University.

Making such a major announcement on a college campus might seem like a risky move for a conservative like Cruz, but Liberty University is no ordinary college. Founded by Rev. Jerry Falwell in the early 1970s, the school was recently listed as one of the top ten most conservative colleges in the country. The odds of Cruz’s announcement speech being interrupted by liberal protesters were about as low at Liberty as they would have been at CPAC, the annual conservative conference. Cruz’s choice of venue also allowed him to send social conservatives a message while visibly appealing to young people.

Nevertheless, college kids are still college kids, and mandatory Monday morning assemblies are still mandatory Monday morning assemblies. Yes, that’s right: Attendance at Cruz’s speech was mandatory for all Liberty students.

As you might expect, anonymous local messaging app Yik Yak soon filled up with comments from Liberty students mercilessly mocking Cruz.


In the interview above, I was struck by Cruz’ creepy repetition of the phrase “massive government control of the energy sector and every aspect of our lives”, – and kept flashing back to General Jack D. Ripper’s “precious bodily fluids”.  For researchers on the denialist mind, and historians trying to piece together what went so horribly wrong in our supposedly advanced society – I have just two words.
Toilet training.
That’s all I’m gonna say.

29 Responses to “Ted X: They Laughed at Galileo, too…”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Crappy quality on the video, although it was better on Youtube and the last 3/4 was much better. What causes that, and is there anything we can do on our end to mitigate it?

    “….. so jammed with climate denial nonsense that one hardly knows where to begin” says it all. I was ‘gob-smacked”, as our friends in the UK would say.

    Teddy surely has memorized every last bit of climate denial and right-wing horseshit out there, and his practice as a college debater helps him to string it together nicely. Too bad the interviewer was either too dumb or too timid and let Teddy ramble on—-they should have just said “Here’s Teddy with 7 minutes of uninterrupted right wing and AGW denier propaganda and BS” and handed him the mike.

    Two great lines:

    “I was struck by Cruz’ creepy repetition of the phrase “massive government control of the energy sector and every aspect of our lives”, – and kept flashing back to General Jack D. Ripper’s “precious bodily fluids”. YES!!!

    “For researchers on the denialist mind, and historians trying to piece together what went so horribly wrong in our supposedly advanced society – I have just two words. Toilet training”.

    And in keeping with the “toilet” and “Crock” theme, may I suggest that you institute a weekly feature on Crock that focuses on Strom Inhofe and Galileo Cruz? You could title it “Musings from the Bed Pan” or “Denierhea Redux” or some such.

  2. Linda Plano Says:

    I just hope he wins the Republican nomination.

    Actually, that’s not true. I hope someone with integrity and traditional American values (freedom of speech, equality, separation of church & state, etc.) is nominated for both parties.

    I hope that both candidates are enthusiastic to lead by example rather than by entitlement, on a personal, national and international basis.

    I hope that both emphasize the importance of rigorous, non-dogmatic education, made available to all.

    And so on.

    But failing the above, I hope Cruz wins the Republican nomination.

    • MorinMoss Says:

      I sometimes think there’s a secret cartel who’s out to make George Bush not the dumbest candidate out of Texas.
      First we had Rick Perry and now Ted Cruz.

      The man is a disgusting panderer, even by the standards of politics in general and the GOP in particular.

      He claims that he switched from listening to rock’n roll on 9/11 because of “how rock music responded” to country music.

      C’mon, Ted, pull the other leg.

      Kudos to the Liberty students who showed up at the mandatory speech by a freedom-loving Texan wearing Rand Paul T-shirts.

  3. For someone who compares deniers to Galileo, he seems to have a rather shaky grasp of who Galileo was. From the Ted Cruz video at the top:

    2:50: Today the global warming alarmists are the equivalent of the flat earthers. You know it used to be accepted scientific wisdom the earth is flat and this heretic named Galileo was branded a denier and you know what? There are an awful lot of people making a whole lot of money Al Gore’s made millions of dollars off of global warming…

    … and he seems a bit rambling.

    Earlier he stated:

    2:30:I am the child of two mathematicians and scientists…

    I don’t know about his mother, but his father is:

    …a pastor at a church in Dallas and serves as the Director of Purifying Fire Ministries ministering in the U.S., Mexico, and Central America. He is also a professor Bible and Theology and the president of Kingdom Translation Services.


    In the following, though, he argues essentially that evolution is a communist plot (beginning 2:05) just prior to claiming that he is a scientist (2:20) and that there is “nothing scientific about evolution.”

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Great clip from TYT—-Cenk nailed it—–thank you!

      And Papa Cruz is a real piece of work. Teddy should send him on a world cruise on a slow boat. Soon.

    • The one thing that bugs me a about Cenk’s piece is how he makes fun of Rafael Cruz’s accent. When you have an accent you may in large part suppress it, but assuming you grew up for the first decade or so without knowing what eventually became your adopted language, you can never really get rid of that accent.

      To a certain extent, the brain actually becomes hardwired early in life to make certain distinctions based on what one is exposed to at the time, not others, so you may not even have the ability to hear your adopted language the same way. “l”s in English become “r”s for some native speakers of Asian languages, the “sh” in Yiddish “shalom” sounds like “s” to native speaks of Arabic, who speak of “salaam.”

      Making fun of accents, particularly at length, is in bad taste.

      But otherwise I like the piece by Cenk. And Rafael a real piece of work? Definitely.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Whatzamattawitchoo? (I’m from NJ, although I don’t “tawk” like that except when making fun of those who do, which includes a few of my relatives who grew up closer to “New Yawk” than I and were “imprinted” as you suggest).

        You’re right about it being “not nice” to make fun of people’s accents. But Rafael by his thoughts and deeds makes fun of what it means to be a Christian and a decent human being, and in my mind that makes him fair game for ridicule and disdain.

        I was a bit surprised that Cenk did what he did, and at such length, but IMO he was simply pissed and “made fun” rather than call Rafael the unprintable things he wanted to call him. What I said when I watched the clip would have resulted in a prolonged bleeeeeeeeeep.

  4. neilrieck Says:

    Comment on the first video (interview): Since almost everyone under the age of 20 is liberal/progressive, this “square” isn’t hip to anything or anyone. He’s 18-years younger than I am now but he sticks to his conservative talking points the way my conservative parents did 50 years ago. Like them, I’ll bet he’s a theo-con who doesn’t believe in evolution because the world is only 6000 years old. If that is true, then he is lying when he says he listens to scientists. On top of that, to compare climate-change deniers to Galileo is laughable because Galileo was on the side of scientific evidence (via the telescope) while his opponents were on the side of religious dogma (or fear of torture religious inquisition). To put it more plainly, Galileo was a liberal while his opponents were conservatives. But all this stuff is moot because young people rarely vote while older people always do. The only way to deal with people like this is at the ballot box. MESSAGE TO YOUNG PEOPLE: So if you want to stop the crazies, especially COWM (crazy old white men) you must register to vote -and- vote.

  5. Ted X: “They Laughed at Galileo, too… ”

    They also laughed at Bozo the Clown.

  6. russellseitz Says:

    While some Spanish Navy friends view the Dutchess of Medina Sidonia as a dangerous radical, Ted Cruz seems to pride himself on being slightly to the right of the Spanish Inquisition

    • dumboldguy Says:

      VVicked good site, Russell. I’m old enough to remember WW2, so I flash you a V V for Wictory.

      • MorinMoss Says:

        There’s a VVonderful site out of Australia that’s VVery VVicked.
        Something about VVeasels who VVillingly flash but while the catalogue is nice to look at, I doubt you’ll find much in your size or color 🙂

  7. neilrieck Says:

    Okay so for the last 7-years we’ve been hearing the TEA-party nonsense about Obama’s birth certificate not being legitimate (probably because he would not be a natural born citizen so, therefore, would not eligible to hold the office of “president” or “vice president”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural-born-citizen_clause )

    Okay so Ted Cruz was born in Canada and one of his parents was Cuban. Wouldn’t this mean that Ted is not a natural born citizen? Why are the TEA-party people up in arms (no pun) about this?

    • MorinMoss Says:

      I would die of laughter if some group on the left went after Cruz the way the ‘baggers were screaming about Obama.

      I’ve heard that the Daily Show will be helmed by a black comedian from South Africa named Trevor Noah. I imagine that both he & Larry Wilmore from the Nightly Show could have much fun with the Cruz birth certificate / university transcripts.

      But I would rather see a serious political fringe group run with it.

  8. dumboldguy Says:

    Why, you ask?

    Because they are too stupid and/or ignorant and /or blinded by ideology to understand what anyone with a brain can see by reading the Wiki link and applying common sense? I fought this battle with a whole mob of right wing-nuts back when Obama was a Kenyan, and they never relented—-got silent, perhaps, but never relented.

    Obviously, they are now conflicted with Cruz, but the need to support one of their fellow morons will win out. Trump raised the Cruz-citizenship issue just to get attention. It’s too bad the Dems are too smart, sane, and “undeluded” enough that they likely won’t bother to keep it alive. They have many more intelligent arguments to use against the Repugnants.

    PS This is just another “last gasp” issue anyway. It won’t be fully over until the Supremes rule on it and clarify the miniscule ambiguity in the definition of “natural born”. All the rulings in the first 100 years of the nation should be enough for all, but the crazies just have to prove that they’re crazy.

  9. andrewfez Says:

    The modern scientific method didn’t saturate the playing field until the 19th century. Indeed as late as the late 18th century, we had the Royal Society of Edinburgh rejecting Jame Hutton’s basic observations in geology that all pointed to an earth that is quite variant in age against what both Bishop Usher and Newton had calculated, based on adding up generations in the Bible. Both religious indoctrination and reverence for Newton (who was indoctrinated) culled the rate of scientific progress at that point, and it took decades for Lyell to reemphasize Hutton’s ideas to push geology forward.

    Imagine finding a cure for all types of cancer, but no one believes it because they think only their particular god can cure cancer, so the cure isn’t implemented for 50 years.

  10. Cruz epitomizes the word “stupid” in virtually everything he spews from that gaping hole in his head.

    As the above poster said, “I hope he wins the Republican nomination” (in jest).

    In a way, this would be REALLY good. Because it would reveal the Republicans for what we all know they are – astoundingly stupid and ignorant and willing to sacrifice the future of humanity to a moron like Cruz.

    Unfortunately, the Democratic party isn’t much better these daze… which leaves Americans with virtually no hope. But then again, the (s)Election never does…

    If you want to watch a circus in action, just turn on the television. You’re also watching the death of everything. Cherish the memories, because that will be all there will be soon enough.

    Nobody cares and nobody is listening, except to the fairy tales going on in their heads.

    • MorinMoss Says:

      I don’t get it. He was high school valedictorian in ’88, has a cum laude BA from Princeton, and a magna cum laude JD from Harvard Law School.

      This is not, or should not be, a stupid guy.

      Looking into his background, I found some interesting facts that make me look askance at Texas.

      Ted Cruz is the 1st Hispanic to be either the Solicitor General of Texas or a US Senator for Texas. And the 1st Hispanic Republican to be in the US House of Representatives was in 1993??

      From a state where Hispanics have such a long history??

      • jimbills Says:

        He’s highly intelligent. There are consistent comments by colleagues that everyone considers him “the smartest guy in the room”. The “stupid” things he says come from two places: he knows they play well to his base, and he’s the type of guy who has never doubted himself or his beliefs once in his life. There’s a difference between intelligence and wisdom. Research his background. He formed his beliefs probably before he was a teenager, and they never changed.

        Cruz shouldn’t be underestimated, though. He’s a first class debater, a populist, and he has a minority background that would pull a percentage of the Hispanic vote. His resume is virtually identical to Obama’s before he was elected, and his wife was an executive with Goldman Sachs. I put early odds on him as a dark horse, but I’m thinking now that Walker will draw a lot of his vote (and money), and the GOP establishment will shun Cruz – the combination of those two things will make a nomination a very tough road for him.

        But, say he got it. I don’t think that would make a Clinton win a definite thing. His platform will be a lot of populist platitudes about “restoring freedom” and “abolishing the IRS”. It’s all BS, of course, but it depends on how much faith one puts in the intelligence of the American public as to how that would play. I don’t think we have a great track record on that front, and Cruz might play well to the dissatisfied when compared to a more established, and very well known, candidate.

        However, Cruz will help pull the entire GOP field farther to the right during the nomination. If he doesn’t get the nod, it’d force other candidates like Jed Bush to make wingnut statements during the race that will be hard to pull back from during the general election. In that way, he definitely helps the chances of the Democrats.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Food analysis, especially:

          “I put early odds on him as a dark horse, but I’m thinking now that Walker will draw a lot of his vote (and money), and the GOP establishment will shun Cruz – the combination of those two things will make a nomination a very tough road for him”.

          Charles Kraphanger wrote a column recently in which he handicapped the Repugnant candidates and he pretty much agreed with all you said. Google it and check it out. Doesn’t that make you feel good? Almost as good as having George Will on your side.

          As you said, it all comes down to the intelligence of the American voter, and that’s an oxymoronic statement all too often.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Arghhj! Keys are moving around on me again. That’s GOOD analysis (although it is food—–for thought)

      • dumboldguy Says:

        You don’t get it? This is not, or should not be, a stupid guy?
        From a state where Hispanics have such a long history??

        Texas is one of the original states of the Confederacy, and has a long history of discrimination against blacks, hispanics, native americans, women, and asians. That’s the “long history”, and it’s still being made—-TX is among the states trying to pass discriminatory voting laws right now.

        Looking at Cruz’s history, what amazes me is that he has never had a “real job” and jumped rather quickly into some rather high level jobs in Texas and the federal government. A

        fter consultation with Donald Trump’s hair and Orly Taitz, I smell a conspiracy here. Since Cruz is a Cuban according to one of our trolls, he must be a Manchurian Candidate put here by Fidel Castro, and daddy Rafael is his “handler”. I wonder how this movie will end?

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Hey! It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings, and it’s looking like a reprise of 2012’s race to the bottom. Whoever wins the Repugnant nomination will likely be in a worse position than Romney as far as getting back to the electable middle ground. Life is actually pretty good at this time. The Repugs have 18 months left to finish digging their own grave—-enjoy the show

    • MorinMoss Says:

      There’s another reason to dislike Cruz and to wonder if the light in his eyes is merely the sun shining through the hole in the back of his head – his unabashed support for Jesse Helms, arguably the last unrepentant openly racist US Senator.

      Speaking in front of the Heritage Foundation, he talked about how as a kid, he sent $10 to Jesse Helms at a time when his allowance was 50 cents and how when Helms called John Wayne to thank him for a $5000 donation, the Duke said “oh, yeah, we need a hundred more like you in the Senate”, which Cruz echoed as his closing statement

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