Kingsman: Cli-Fi meets Sci-Spy. Ultra Vi.

February 27, 2015

If you happen to be out this weekend looking to turn off for a couple hours, you could probably do worse.
Something here to offend everyone, and make you kind of hate yourself for laughing out loud.
Very meta and self conscious send-up of every James Bond trope, married with some of the most outrageous, over the top senseless violence you’re likely to see anytime soon.

The villain, it turns out, is concerned about climate change. Not sure what that means.


5 Responses to “Kingsman: Cli-Fi meets Sci-Spy. Ultra Vi.”

  1. Looks realistic and sensible to me.

  2. “The villain, it turns out, is concerned about climate change. Not sure what that means.”

    Ted Kaczynski?

    (Stupid wordpress login not working + lacking feedback. Or is it my stupid Android Chrome?)

  3. Fox movies, like Fox news, have an agenda

  4. Hopefullym HBO’s rumored greenlighting of Margaret Atwood’s MADDADDAM trilogy for a Darren Aronofsky directed HBO movie series or just one movie, not sure, will be useful in this regard of waking people up to the dangers future generations will be facing, come the Klimapocalypse! They are still looking for a scriptwriter to put the stories she has told into screenplay shape and it’s not easy with her novels, and Atwood herself has declined to be the screenwriter, we gotta wait. Might be on HBO in 2018 or 2020. These things take time, development hell they call it in Hwood.

  5. RT hat tip to Peter Sinclair at ‘CLIMATE CROCK OF THE WEEK’ – re

    Kingsman: Cli-Fi meets Sci-Spy. Ultra Vi.” #CliFi #scispy #ultravi

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