How Cold Was it? So Cold my Iphone puked.

February 23, 2015


I’m back in my warm house after shooting some video at sunrise this morning.

How cold was it?
So cold that my iphone was totally confused, poor thing.
Just knew it wasn’t happy.
Below see Stefan Rahmstorf’s tweet. Stunning is right.

rahmscoldpatchUS National Weather Service:

An impressive Arctic high pressure will slide southward across the Plains
and move eastward toward the East Coast.  This cold air will continue to
spill across the Four Corners, central and southern Plains, and the Deep
South.  Meanwhile, warm Gulf of Mexico moisture is filtering northward
along the Gulf coast states.   This is providing ripe conditions for a
dangerous wintry mix of freezing rain and sleet especially across north
Texas eastward into northern Georgia.  The western edge of the
precipitation will decrease in coverage by Monday afternoon.  However, the
threat of wintry mix impacting the Deep South will extend into Tuesday. 
By Tuesday evening, precipitation will be mainly rain across the Gulf
coast states.


8 Responses to “How Cold Was it? So Cold my Iphone puked.”

  1. shelama Says:

    Note at the large scale anomalies listed beneath the cci-reanalyzer graphic:

    – Global +0.59°C
    – Northern Hemisphere +0.89°C
    – Arctic +2.09°C
    – Tropics +0.1°C
    – Southern Hemisphere +0.29°C
    – Antarctic +0.08°C

    • MorinMoss Says:

      A bit of a tough sell to any denier under that giant frozen patch who’s muttering ” I could use some global warming right now”.

      Well, Senor “Skeptic”, there’s a reason we’ve always called it GLOBAL warming.
      It’s not (just) about you or where you live.

    • andrewfez Says:

      If it’s 0.59C over a 1979-2000 baseline, what does that make it for a preindustrial baseline?

  2. shelama Says:


    – Tropics +0.50°C

  3. Jim Housman Says:

    Interesting that Greenland and somewhere in Siberia(?) seem to be extremely cold as well as the splotch in the US.

  4. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    We broke the Arctic.

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