The Unbearable Density of Climate Denial

February 22, 2015


7 Responses to “The Unbearable Density of Climate Denial”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    The “denseness” of a denier would only have to be a fraction of the density of a neutron star to balance the weight of “virtually every scientist in the world”.

    Ir’s interesting that what shapes a neutron star is something called “degeneracy pressure”, and that would also seem like a fitting term for what has warped the minds of deniers.

    • love it very appropriate!!!

    • indy222 Says:

      Hah! Very good! I think a “white dwarf” might just have enough degeneracy pressure (electron degeneracy, not neutron degeneracy) and density to do the job as well. It does seem there’s a tendency for the non-whites out there to have gotten the truth quicker than … others. So perhaps this is also useful.

  2. It’s obvious that the deniers are ‘dense’ but they’re dense with the opportunity to sacrifice their professional title (in the end) for big money in the short run. I love this comic but it cuts out the most important part, ‘WHO’S HOLDING THE SCALE’. I can only hope and pray for a rerun and have a bunch of fossil fuel executives and congressmen and women, mostly Republicans (with their grandchildren in tow??) holding the scales and obviously weighting one side. What of the children? They’re being dragged to the dark side just to service the status desires of their elders. It’s really simple human behavior dynamics, with it’s source in insecurity and fear and… I do feel for them. Just wish we could have them join us on the ‘light side’ since we need capable people AND All Hands On Deck. Hope you join us! Newt

  3. Must be Willie Soon on the lower pan of the balance.


  4. indy222 Says:

    “….you are my density…!!” (Back to the Future)

    yup; our destiny and our density are One.

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