The Dinosaur Hoax, and Why Tea Party Politicians Choke on Science Questions

February 13, 2015

Above, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker dodges question about evolution from a Brit interviewer.
Governor Walker, of course, is ever mindful of the concerns of his base –  which kind of mitigate against open discussion of, well.. reality.

Below, a spokeswoman for “Christians Against Dinosaurs” (CAD) opines that that this whole “dinosaur” thing is just another hoax for scientists to make money.  (You know, like climate change) See if this reasoning sounds familiar…..


If the group is a hoax, however, it is a convincing one. CADministry has been spreading her gospel in other online forums, and “Christians Against Dinosaurs” has a YouTube channel featuring videos dating back months in which a woman explains how “the dinosaur hoax” has been perpetrated.

“A fossil is not actually a piece of bone,” she says. “It’s actually a bone that was once in the ground that has been filled with limestone, calcium, and other stone-like deposits, so at the end of the day, it’s a rock made out of rocks.”

“So,” she continues, “you have a rock that’s [six-inches long], and you hand it to a paleontologist, who chips away at it until you have something looking like a bone — and that is a fossil.”

She then dumps a cup full of broken shards on the table in front of her, and asks viewers to pretend that they are paleontologist and put those shards back together into whatever they originally were. “If you’re a paleontologist and you want to keep your job,” she says, “you turn that into a brachiosaurus skull.”


25 Responses to “The Dinosaur Hoax, and Why Tea Party Politicians Choke on Science Questions”

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