Pollution in China “Apocalyptic” – Renewable Energy is Only Chance of Survival

February 6, 2015

Above, Chris Chappel’s “China Uncensored” takes another inside look at China’s astounding level of pollution – something that has become the number one cause of internal social instability – a factor that rulers have taken note of.

This situation is a key driver behind the recent agreement with the US to limit greenhouse gases. It is not an option, a nice idea, or a luxury for the Chinese, but a matter of survival.  Apparently, the prospect of running out of water in 15 years wonderfully concentrates the mind.

I drew on another Chris Chappel piece for my recent video on the US/China GHG deal – below.

6 Responses to “Pollution in China “Apocalyptic” – Renewable Energy is Only Chance of Survival”

  1. ralphiesmom Says:

    Thank you. Stunning reports.

  2. redskylite Says:

    I understand the situation is equally as bad if not worse in major Indian cities. Strong motivation to wean off coal. At least in a democracy the voting public have an opportunity to make themselves heard at election time.

    Today’s climate Climate Desk reports on a recent research on the deadly impacts of pollution in China:

    “The research is also notable because it was conducted jointly by China’s best known and most prestigious university, Peking University (known locally as Beida), and Greenpeace, the international environmental advocacy group that has had a long and complicated relationship with China’s authoritarian officials. The study was widely reported by state-run media, in another sign China’s censors are loosening some restrictions around environmental reporting in the country in the face of intense public pressure for transparency.”


  3. John Says:

    Reblogged this on jpratt27.

  4. climatebob Says:

    You have to remember that the industrial regions of Europe were just like that only sixty years ago. It took billions to clean it up and the process is still going on.If China puts its mind to it, it can turn the situation round quite quickly.

    • redskylite Says:

      Too true climatebob, it was pretty terrible in industrial Leicester, U.K where I grew up and also the U.S was equally polluted, as shown in the photograph in this excellent blog by Bob Henson (Jeff Masters Wunderblog) :

      “Scenes like this–from an industrial section of Cleveland, Ohio, circa 1973–were once commonplace in the largest U.S. cities. Image credit: Frank J. Aleksandrowicz/National Archives and Records Administration.”


    • pendantry Says:

      Yes, I know this article doesn’t actually put it this way, but there will be some who read it as: “Oh noes, China is the bad guy. We don’t put up with disgusting pollution levels like that!”

      The reason we in the ‘civilised west’ don’t have pollution that bad is because we outsourced our manufacturing… to China. Here’s a hint for anyone who thinks that China is the bad guy: next time you buy something, take a look at the ‘Made in…’ label, then ask yourself who the bad guy really is.

      There’s one planet. We share it.

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