What Goes Around: Pendulum Swings, Chickens Come to Roost, as Climate Denial Dawg Don’t Hunt

February 3, 2015

Climate denial has hit the fan in political strategy firms.
There may have to be another red meat issue developed for the coming GOP primary campaign.  Climate denial is losing its luster. Homophobia and the drug war are playing out. Racism still works, but you hate to have just one tool in your box.

Above, Coral Davenport, now of the New York Times, discusses new polling data with MSNBC’s Luke Russert. (find part 2 below)  Not impressed with Russert, who seems as much of a beltway shill as his Dad, finding it necessary to repeat red herring slander about renewable energy with no basis in fact.

Nevertheless, the discussion is worthwhile. New polling data released last week shows nearly half of republicans consider climate change a threat, along with overwhelming majorities of independents and democrats. This presents a problem for mainstream GOP presidential aspirants, in that, to be nominated, they have to run the gauntlet of primaries in dittohead strongholds like Iowa and South Carolina, where among base voters,  climate scientists are considered agents of the gummint, scamming real ‘merkans’s hard earned money.

Part 2 of the MSNBC piece here, exploring the politics of big conservative donors.

This didn’t come out of nowhere.
Worth reviewing Coral Davenport’s reporting in the National Journal two years ago, on the approaching GOP schism on climate science.

igetitCoral Davenport in the National Journal, May 9, 2013:

The problem is, as polling data and the changing demographics of the American electorate show, it’s likely that the position that can win voters in a primary will lose voters in a general election. Some day, though, the facts—both scientific and demographic—will force GOP candidates to confront climate change whether they want to or not. And that day will come sooner than they think.

Already, the numbers tell the story. Polls show that a majority of Americans, and a plurality of Republicans, believe global warming is a problem. Concern about the issue is higher among younger voters and independents, who Republicans will need to attract if they want to win elections.


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