One Week after Acknowledging Climate – Romney Out of Race

January 30, 2015


A warning to all?

A week ago Ned..uh, I mean, Mitt, … Romney was the first GOP presidential aspirant to acknowledge the reality of human caused climate change.
Now he’s out of the race. Connect the dots?


Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney told close supporters on a conference call on Friday that he will not run again in 2016, saying that he wants to allow other leaders in the GOP to step forward.

“After putting considerable thought into making another run for president, I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party the opportunity to become our next nominee,” Romney said in remarks posted on radio host Hugh Hewitt’s website, which participants on the call confirmed to NBC News as accurate.

Romney told backers he believed that he could have won the nomination but “it would have been difficult test and a hard fight.”

“I believe that one of our next generation of Republican leaders, one who may not be as well known as I am today, one who has not yet taken their message across the country, one who is just getting started, may well emerge as being better able to defeat the Democrat nominee,” he added.

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush, widely viewed as the new favorite of establishment Republicans, called Romney a “patriot” in a statement after news of the decision broke.


Romney’s announcement last week that he was “ of the Republicans..” who believe climate change is a major problem, and that humans are causing it.  Now he’s out.
Obviously, this is something that all those “other” Republicans who believe the scientists on climate change will have to factor in.

Below, could this be an indicator?  Radio blowhard, oxycontin addict, climate denier,  and 4 x married champion of family values – Rush Limbaugh gives the Republican reaction to Romney’s newly found acknowledgement of science.

UPDATE: Below, Rush takes credit for US climate denial:


7 Responses to “One Week after Acknowledging Climate – Romney Out of Race”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Rush the Gasbag talks about “ironically humorous” and doesn’t believe that 65% to 80% of citizens of 20 (TWENTY) other countries think global warming is anthropogenic? We are at the bottom of that list in citizen awareness and understanding, HE caused it to happen, and he gloats over that? Lord love a duck!

    It is a sign of how sick this country is that a sick F**K like Limbaugh is a hero to or listened to by anyone outside of a mental hospital. Please try not to reference him too often on Crock—-I’d rather not puke up my lunch. Inhofe is all we need for an emetic.

    To get back OT, IMO, it is a good thing that Romney has dropped out. He was polling somewhere around 20% against Hillary, while the others were in single digits. Now the race to the bottom can really begin in earnest, and the Repugnants can all go so far right in their pandering to the “base” that they can’t get back to the middle in time—-just as happened to Romney in 2012.

    And if Romney’s changed stance on AGW really did cause the “powers” (read Kock brothers) to send him a message that they would be spending their $900 million on candidates more friendly to fossil fuels, that’s good too. When I connect up those dots I see the remaining candidates moving further into AGW denial to ensure campaign $$$ donations from the fossil fuel interests. If AGW worsens by November 2016 (as is likely), and the citizens get their heads out of their behinds and seek truth, whichever POS floats to the top as the Repugnant candidate will be at a serious disadvantage.

    (And whoever that candidate may be, I fervently hope that he will be caught on tape saying something like “Only 54% of Americans think global warming is anthropogenic. I don’t worry about them. They’ll burn what we sell them. We still have a lot of drilling to do, a lot of fossil fuel to burn, and a lot of money to make”)

  2. “… Now he’s out of the race. Connect the dots? ….”

    Oh, you guys…… {facepalm} ….. if you could just bring yourselves to listen to or watch more right-wing content for the sake of at least being up to speed on what your ‘enemies’ are actually saying. Romney has been unelectable since 2008. When whatever “powers that be” in the last primary / GOP establishment chose him over other guys who had, shall we say, had a bit more chutzpah about conservative points, they basically handed the election to candidate Obama on a silver platter.

    Man, with this ‘connect the dots’ thing here, you steer ever closer to the 911 Truther / ChemTrail- & creation science-believer crowd.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Oh you guys…..(facepalm)…..says Russell in an attempt to feign superior understanding . As if he understands what “us guys” are talking about and has some great thoughts to share with us. LOL He obviously doesn’t have any idea what Peter’s point is or understand what I threw in as my two cents—-I speak of the thought that there is a connection between Romney’s acceptance of AGW, his dropping out of the race, and the “challenges” the other Repugnant candidates will face regarding their positions on AGW.

      (And I watch way too much “right-wing content” now, and don’t need to watch any more. It’s bad for one’s mental health and cognitive functioning to spend too much time in the circular firing squad and parrot ring that serves as discussion on the right. It certainly appears to lower one’s IQ if the quality of the commentary there is any indication).

      Russell should stick with business administration (where he MAY know something, although apparently not enough to earn a living at it) and stay away from topics where he is ignorant. We already know of his science deficit (he is unable to talk about arctic sea ice, for example), and he shows that he doesn’t understand politics either with “When whatever “powers that be” in the last primary / GOP establishment chose him over other guys who had, shall we say, had a bit more chutzpah about conservative points, they basically handed the election to candidate Obama on a silver platter”.

      The “powers that be” were the majority of Republican VOTERS in the majority of the states that gave him the nomination. Because Romney pandered to the “base” in trying to out-conservative the “other guys who had a bit more chutzpah about conservative points”, he found himself so far to the right that he could not find his way back to the electable middle ground in time. HE handed the election to Obama by so doing, along with the Repugnants who forced him into that position. (Of course, that ignores the fact that Obama was really elected because the majority of the voters liked his vision for the country better than Romney’s and the Repugnants, just as they did in 2008 when he beat McCain).

      No Russell, there is some thinking to be done about “this ‘connect the dots’ thing”, but it went over your head. You and the deniers are the ones who “steer closer” to the 911 Truther / ChemTrail- & creation science-believer crowd, not us.

  3. Gingerbaker Says:

    yeah…. sure they did. Didn’t spend a dime.

  4. redskylite Says:

    My late mother told me to never discuss politics or religion with others, I wonder if she had known about climate change would she have included that on her instructions of life. Anyway apparently there are five good and true members of the GOP on the side of AGW:

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Unfortunately, a “good and true member of the GOP” has come to mean someone who works to advance the interests of the corporatocracy and the rich rather than for the greater good of the country. Those five represent just 10% of the Repugnants in the Senate, and although it’s nice that those few have some brains, that means little in the big picture. Many more Repugs are going to have to join them before progress can be made.

      I myself am concerned about the Democrats who crossed over to side with the Repugs on KXL, including VA’s own Mark Warner (who was the recipient of a scolding email from me and may soon find me sitting in his office seeking “chat time”). They are pandering to the fossil fuel interests and “business”.

      Since so much of the discussion about climate change is now based on religion and politics, your mother likely would have added it to the “instructions”. On the other hand, you must have gotten your “good sense” genes form her, so maybe she would have said “Climate change is important—-talk about it as much as you can—-but ONLY the science of it—-ignore those who view it through the lenses of politics or religion (or the “free market)”

  5. […] last week he was “ of the republicans” concerned about climate, and this week he dropped out, or was pushed, from the clown car. Several other candidates showed evidence of Of course, “ of the […]

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