“The Fuse is Blown”. Glaciologist’s Jaw Dropping Account of a Shattering Moment

January 22, 2015

If you’ve missed the other segments of our interview with Glaciologist Eric Rignot – do not, repeat, do not, miss this one.

Rignot was a co-author of the “holy shit moment” paper from last spring, showing that large areas of the West Antarctic Ice sheet are now in “irreversible decline”.
That news made for one of my most harrowing videos of the last year, which you can, and should view if you have not – below the fold.

I’m keeping these clips from our interviews minimally edited – I want the raw video to speak for itself to current readers, and to historians, who will undoubtedly understand all too well why we were peeling our jaws off the floor after this one.


60 Responses to ““The Fuse is Blown”. Glaciologist’s Jaw Dropping Account of a Shattering Moment”

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