Met Office: 2014 In Running for Hottest Year

December 6, 2014


This year is also set to be one of the warmest on record in the Central England Temperature (CET) series, which goes back to 1659 and is the longest instrumental temperature series in the world.hottestengland

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) also says 2014 is on track to be the warmest globally.

According to the body, this is largely due to record high global sea surface temperatures.

The WMO is the UN’s authoritative voice on global weather and climate.

Both the Met Office and the UN organisation say that the observed temperatures are consistent with what would be expected from human-induced climate change.


What is remarkable, as the WMO explains, is that we’re headed toward record high global temps “in the absence of a full El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO).” We get an El Niño “when warmer than average sea-surface temperatures in the eastern tropical Pacific combine, in a self-reinforcing loop, with atmospheric pressure systems,” which affects weather patterns around the world.

It’s usually the combination of the long-term manmade warming trend and the regional El Niño warming pattern that leads to new global temperature records. But not this year.




13 Responses to “Met Office: 2014 In Running for Hottest Year”

  1. omnologos Says:

    Never mind all those forecasts of an El Niño

    ps I wish somebody at TP understood physics

  2. omnologos Says:

    Colin Morice, a climate monitoring scientist at the Met Office, said: “Record or near-record years are interesting, but the ranking of individual years should be treated with some caution because the uncertainties in the data are larger than the differences between the top ranked years. We can say this year will add to the set of near-record temperatures we have seen over the last decade.”


    There is a lot of talking about climate alarmists always having been open about uncertainties. Romm fails miserably, in this case. He’s almost as damaging as Mann, but most likely read by far fewer people.

    • What does the bar graph in Joe Romm’s post represent if not uncertainty?

    • ubrew12 Says:

      “climate alarmists… open about uncertainties[?]”
      The atmosphere is notoriously fickle. A good reason to confine oneself to the ocean. Since its ‘only’ 93% of the ‘globe’ in question on the matter of ‘global warming’, we can reliably state that Earth is heating today at TWICE the rate it was heating 18 years ago:

      I’m guessing right about now, you and ‘uncertainty’ have kissed and made up.
      If ‘Doubt is your product’, you can’t divorce yourself from uncertainty for long, can you?
      Politics (or is it Prostitution?) makes for strange bedfellows, I guess.

      • omnologos Says:

        And there we go talking the person instead of the topic. I wish I was right less often.

        • Glenn Martin Says:

          Don’t worry. You are.

        • ubrew12 Says:

          “And there we go talking the person instead of the topic” Yes, of course. I’m sorry. The topic, as you so generously put it, was those “climate alarmists always…[presented as] open about uncertainties… [but] Romm fails miserably… almost as damaging as Mann, but… read by far fewer people.”

          I’ll try to stick with the ‘topic’ and stay away from character assassination in the future. THAT is obviously YOUR job.

  3. Gingerbaker Says:

    Romm did not fail at all. As usual, you have missed the point of the conversation while trying to make yourself look superior. The sound of you falling on your face reverberates throughout the Universe in symphonic eternal mockery.

    • jpcowdrey Says:

      I maurizio’s expertise in bovine scatology. ‘Some caution’ does not amount to failure just because Romm emphasizes the mean value for the sake of clarity. What is often deceptive about error bars is naively assuming equal likelihood of values within that range.

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