Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye on Science Deniers

December 2, 2014

Bill Nye is a guest on NDGT’s “Star Talk” radio show. Hilarity ensues.

5 Responses to “Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye on Science Deniers”

  1. shaneburgel Says:

    No video…

  2. greenman3610 Says:

    try again. jumped the gun on posting.

  3. Always found it funny that people so readily embrace the pretty spectacular thing going on in an iPhone, but question simple physics like the properties of CO2 and indeed evolution as well. I have often wondered if they regard technology like something magical empowered with gods essence or something – or if they actually grasp that the reason why the iPhone works is because we have mastered shuffling electrons around.

  4. otter17 Says:

    Hamm on Nye? hahaha.

    China needs Facebook and Tinder? lol

    That made my day.

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