Like a Crow in Snow

November 29, 2014


And we’re gearing up to kill off half of all species, just as we’re beginning to appreciate how much we can learn from them.

Below, Dr. Jim White, of the University of Colorado, on species extinction.

One Response to “Like a Crow in Snow”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    That is a neat clip—-a “snowboarding” crow. Smart indeed. The average crow is as smart as the average human 7-year-old. Check this out.

    I learned how smart they were 60 years ago when I hunted as a kid. They would never let humans get too close at any time—maybe 20-30 yards at best, but when hunting season opened and you walked out towards them with a gun in hand, they took off when you were 150+ yards away. If a shot was fired at some game animal, you didn’t see a crow for hours after.

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