Dr. John Holdren on Letterman

November 27, 2014

Dr. John Holdren is Science Advisor to President Obama.

2 Responses to “Dr. John Holdren on Letterman”

  1. “You’re doing my job for me Dave. I used to be the apocalyptic professor. Now that I’m in government, I’m inherently hopeful.”

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Yeah, that is a great line, and it ought to be engraved in stone somewhere in Washington.

      Holdren should have added something to the effect that “…and that’s because science has become so politicized in this country that I have to sling a little BS in order to survive as science adviser and not spend all my time testifying in front of Issa and Inhofe”.

      At least the mealy-mouthed”inherently hopeful” doesn’t imply the kinds of dirty doings that the Repugnants and Merchants of Doubt engage in. Obama IS speaking out on climate change, and Holdren must have helped bring that about.

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