Dr. Julie Brigham Grette Was Paleo Before Paleo was Cool

November 8, 2014

Climate scientists like Julie Brigham-Grette were paleo before paleo was cool. In fact, it was downright warm.

supportdarksnowNow is the time to support the 2016 Dark Snow Field campaign. More about that here.

Here, Brigham-Grette and a number of ice scientists describe the state of the ice sheets.


3 Responses to “Dr. Julie Brigham Grette Was Paleo Before Paleo was Cool”

  1. […] Climate scientists were paleo before paleo was cool. In fact, it was downright warm.  […]

  2. redskylite Says:

    Good short and clear talk from Dr. Julie Brigham Grette, almost like in a novel by H.G Wells, we have engineered our atmosphere back 3,000,000 years, a period without the ephemeral Greenland ice sheet, and when forests dominated the Arctic, with sea levels that were 12 -15 meters higher. Are we going to stop there even ?, seems we will continue even further back, spurred on by releasing ancient locked away carbon in our hunger for more power.

    I remember my parents telling me how German folks used to stop and clap the immaculately dressed Krupps family public appearances (after WWII was over), don’t let us make the same mistake with the Kochs.

    This Chart Shows Just How Much Humans Are Driving Global Warming


  3. Besides the obvious sea level challenge, its important to grasp that the changes that lead to whatever the normal was in the Pliocene happened over hundreds of thousands of years. Comparably the changes today are happening faster than any possible adaption for the majority of species – even human beings struggle from the rapid changes now. Today we are only seeing the tip if the iceberg in what changes we can expect.

    With the recent shift in power to “flat-earthers” in USA, I am sure there wont be any serious action taken on any of these challenges over the next 6 years, besides perhaps installing some bigger pumps in Florida.

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