Climate Science a Gay Plot. Who Knew?

November 3, 2014

Climate deniers have already established beyond a doubt that Hurricanes are caused by Gay Parades, right? So that’s settled science.
Turns out it goes much deeper than that.
Forget about the overwhelming consensus among scientists and 200 years of physics. That climate thing? All a plot by gay people.
Thank..uh.., gosh.

Now I can forget about climate change and spend all my time obsessively and creepily fantasizing what kind of sex other people might be having.

Right Wing Watch:

On yesterday’s edition of “Washington Watch,” Tony Perkins returned to one of his favorite talking points about how gay rights are part of a population control conspiracy to extinguish the human race.

A listener called in to tell the Family Research Council president that he thinks the reason homosexuality is “promoted is because it doesn’t lead to reproduction and that’s why it’s promoted. There’s this anti-life agenda, there’s a total anti-human, anti-life, human beings are a virus, type of mentality.”

Perkins responded that the caller was “absolutely correct,” saying that he once wrote about how “climate change alarmists and those who are pushing population control” actually “promote homosexuality” because “there’s no procreation there.”

“They go crazy, they deny it but the evidence is there, it’s footnoted in my book.”


When it comes to psychological damage, certain religious beliefs and practices are reliably more toxic than others.

Janet Heimlich is an investigative journalist who has explored religious child maltreatment, which describes abuse and neglect in the service of religious belief. In her book, Breaking their Will, Heimlich identifies three characteristics of religious groups that are particularly prone to harming children. Clinical work with reclaimers, that is, people who are reclaiming their lives and in recovery from toxic religion, suggests that these same qualities put adults at risk, along with a particular set of manipulations found in fundamentalist Christian churches and biblical literalism.

1) Authoritarianism,creates a rigid power hierarchy and demands unquestioning obedience. In major theistic religions, this hierarchy has a god or gods at the top, represented by powerful church leaders who have power over male believers, who in turn have power over females and children. Authoritarian Christian sects often teach that “male headship” is God’s will. Parents may go so far as beating or starving their children on the authority of godly leaders. A book titled, To Train Up a Child,by minister Michael Pearl and his wife Debi, has been found in the homes of three Christian adoptive families who have punished their children to death.

2) Isolation or separatism,is promoted as a means of maintaining spiritual purity. Evangelical Christians warn against being “unequally yoked” with nonbelievers in marriages and even friendships. New converts often are encouraged to pull away from extended family members and old friends, except when there may be opportunities to convert them. Some churches encourage older members to take in young single adults and house them within a godly context until they find spiritually compatible partners, a process known by cult analysts as “shepherding.” Home schoolers and the Christian equivalent of madrassas cut off children from outside sources of information, often teaching rote learning and unquestioning obedience rather than broad curiosity.

3) Fearof sin, hell, a looming “end-times” apocalypse, or amoral heathens binds people to the group, which then provides the only safe escape from the horrifying dangers on the outside. In Evangelical Hell Houses, Halloween is used as an occasion to terrify children and teens about the tortures that await the damned. In the Left Behind book series and movie, the world degenerates into a bloodbath without the stabilizing presence of believers. Since the religious group is the only alternative to these horrors, anything that threatens the group itself—like criticism, taxation, scientific findings, or civil rights regulations—also becomes a target of fear.



4 Responses to “Climate Science a Gay Plot. Who Knew?”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    Religion, always has been abused to control the people. Some of these ‘Christians’ remind me more on those baloney IS fighters than on sane people.

  2. jimbills Says:

    How silly. We’re not viruses! We’re bacteria! Duh.

    Often it’s best to leave insanity alone, but I’ll treat it seriously here.

    A few posts back tildeb was writing about how religion is incompatible with the type of thinking necessary to combat a problem like climate change. There’s validity there, although I know there’s also a lot of variety in religious belief, and not everyone is going to think like Tony Perkins.

    However, population is a problem augmented by Judeo-Christianity. Genesis has both the passages “Go forth and multiply” and “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” Many Christian wedding services specifically mention the need for children. Certain sects encourage having as many children as possible. All of these things will fight against any consideration of reducing populations voluntarily (by reproductive choices) – ignoring the population trends in highly developed areas.

    Of course, it’s not JUST religion. It’s innate in our biology to want to procreate, and we’re surrounded by a culture that promotes having children as a necessity.

    Unfortunately, in the developed countries, a person could recycle like crazy, buy only used stuff, install solar panels, eat their own food from a garden, and donate to Greenpeace, and they’d still wipe out all of those gains by having one child:

    A person in an undeveloped part of the world doesn’t carry as much impact with having children, as the per capita footprint is significantly lower. (Which brings up the point about economic growth being just as much of a problem as population growth.)

    We’re bacteria, not viruses, because we expand and consume until we reach certain barriers that prevent us from expanding further. We’ve been able to jump over several barriers already because of our intelligence – we use technological progress and knowledge to create more food, fight disease, provide social services, etc. However, we don’t use our intelligence to the degree that we understand the problems associated with crossing these boundaries (species loss, pollution, climate change, resource depletion, etc.), and we rationalize continuing past boundaries with impunity.

    I’ll just speak for myself to Tony Perkins, as someone who does advocate population reduction. I advocate population control because I’m pro-life. I see us passing natural barriers to the point where we reach impassable barriers, and then involuntary population reduction will kick in. I believe this will be much worse, and much more traumatic, for humans than it would be for us to voluntarily reduce our populations and consumption patterns. I don’t want involuntary population reduction to happen. But as long as we use our intelligence to behave in the same way as bacteria, our fate will be the same as any culture in a petri dish.

    Homosexuality is a separate issue.

  3. MorinMoss Says:

    I’m totally on board with boobquakes.

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