New Photos from Dark Snow 2014

October 15, 2014


When I got back from Greenland in August, I recognized that, while I had a lot of pictures of all the other folks involved in Dark Snow 2014, I had precious few of myself.
I got ahold of Gabriel Warren, our sculptor in residence fot he trip, and a pretty keen arctic guy in his own right, to see if he had any pics of moi. He did.

For those of you that contributed to the project, just wanted to make sure you know what you were paying for, and I wasn’t spending the time chilling in the kitchen tent.


If you wonder how we got those moulin shots without a chopper mounted gyro-stabilized camera, here’s how. Scrap aluminum from nearby weather station, Go-Pro, and duct tape. Drones also helped.


Juggling lenses while looking down a moulin.


Shooting the drone that’s shooting the moulin.


Moments before extraction – the Dark Snow August 2014 contingent, one of several groups that rotated in. Left to right, Gabe Warren, Dr. Jason Box, biologist Dr. Marek Stibal, myself, and Phd student. Johnny Ryan, our drone guy.



5 Responses to “New Photos from Dark Snow 2014”

  1. Beautiful and interesting pictures!


  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Just curious—-what kind of sound does that water make running into those moulins? Does it free fall for any great vertical distance or does it always maintain contact with the ice?

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  4. Gingerbaker Says:

    Spectacular sights! I would be afraid to get so close to the edge – one slip and you are carried away forever.

    That turquoise blue water sure looks like it would make a refreshing quaff.

  5. jimbills Says:

    Brave man. I’ve never been near a moulin and I get serious heebie-jeebies just looking at them in photos.

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