Methane Bomb Squad Part 2 – Dr Aradhna Tripati on Undersea Methane

October 15, 2014

I’ve interviewed a lot of scientists in the last few years, and Aradhna Tripati has one of the quickest, clearest minds I’ve run into.  I asked her to comment on the undersea methane question when I spoke to her in January.


Aradhna Tripati is a Professor in the Departments of Earth and Space Sciences & Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, and Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics. Her research is focused on applying innovative experimental approaches in order to use the geologic record as a rich laboratory for the study of climate processes. The primary tools she uses include the new ‘clumped isotope’ thermometer, and the elemental composition of carbonates. She also integrates geochemical measurements with field-based observations, sedimentologic and micropaleontologic data, and models.


39 Responses to “Methane Bomb Squad Part 2 – Dr Aradhna Tripati on Undersea Methane”

  1. iconickevin Says:

    Professor Tripati hedges her bets on the dangers of methane Hydrates and points out that microbes are efficient at processing the methane. I love the way that some scientists can remove themselves from the inherent dangers as if we have a life time to deal with this disaster. Unlike my hero Dr Natalia Shakova
    Seems like we are relying on an indeterminate number of microbes to keep us safe! Precarious existence innit?

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