Signs of the Apocryphalypse: Jesse Ventura Bodyslams the Climate Polecats

October 5, 2014

To the degree that youtube conspiracy videos reflect a part the global mind’s internal dialogue,  you could call this one “Signs of a sea change you may have missed”.

Above, well known pop culture figure, pro wrestler and former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, holds forth on the “polecats” in Washington who are denying the science of global warming, and holding up progress on renewable energy.

Ventura made an idiot out of himself a few years ago with a  widely shared episode of  his  TRU TV series “Conspiracy Theories”, charging that climate science, and scientists, were all part of some dark, globalist cabal seeking to control our lives.  Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sent these links as “proof” of the “global conspiracy of AGW”.

That program would be hysterical if not so sad, including interviews with Martin Durkin, producer of the laughably shoddy “Great Global Warming Swindle”, as well as His Excellency “Lord” Christopher “I’ve found a cure for AIDS” Monckton, and fossil fuel shills Steven Malloy,  Marc Morano, and, hilariously, “a climate scientist “at the top of his field, now in hiding from the climate conspiracy”, a backlit and barely concealed Tim Ball.

So, I offer the contrast between the Guv’s current and former fave conspiracies as an indicator of our national zeitgeist, and a small sign of the sea change that has been showing up in polling, on the streets, in political ads, and in the increasing discomfort climate deniers have been feeling about their ever more precarious positions.

Here, Jesse takes on the “War on Renewable Energy”.

Below, examples from Ventura’s climate “conspiracy” episode.


22 Responses to “Signs of the Apocryphalypse: Jesse Ventura Bodyslams the Climate Polecats”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    You’ve got to love Jesse—-he is one HUGE walking talking “F-Bomb” who tells it like it is and is now on OUR SIDE! OOH-Rah and Semper Fi, Jesse!

    Actually, amidst occasional fits of conspiracy lunacy in the past, Jesse has always had a good perspective on much of what ails America. Read his “DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government” to see how sane he can be.

    The first two clips are outstanding—-he just lines them all up by the dozens and shoots them down, and the great thing is that the audience he reaches is the same group of people he pandered to with the conspiracy crap. They will now suck up the truth that we want them to hear because “Jesse said it”. The libertarian-populist-anti big business-anti big government types that like Jesse so much will buy it all (we hope), and start to move in the right direction.

    When you have Al Gore, Bill Nye the Science Guy, AND Jesse Ventura all on your side, life is good!

    • Leslie Davis Says:

      Ventura defrauded the people of Minnesota to become Governor by lying about being a Navy SEAL. He stole the valor of others for publicity to win the 1998 election by 56,363 votes, less than 3% of the 2 million votes cast.
      Ventura bribed a guy to leave the 1998 Reform Party so he wouldn’t have competition in the primary and when complaints were filed against him for election violations he bribed the investigators to fix the investigation’s outcome.
      This is well documented in my book “ALWAYS CHEAT”. The book that knocked Ventura out of office in 2002. Call me for a complimentary copy. Leslie Davis – 612-529-5253
      Know the truth about Ventura here –
      Ventura’s wife lied under oath when she said she never heard Ventura disparage military or known him to lie. Check out this 2002 video.
      Wifey Lie –

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Is Leslie Davis here to whore his self-published book about Ventura? Does he have a search engine that alerts him so he can sneak in and take his cheap shots at Jesse whenever Jesse’s name pops up? And he can’t sell his book, so he is giving them away? And is the book self-published because no publisher would touch it?

        Ventura did not lie about his service and did not “steal anyone’s valor”, Leslie. (and tell us about YOUR service so we can see how it stacks up against Ventura’s).

        I just love the hubris that would allow one to take credit for writing “the book that knocked Ventura out of office”. Leslie lost his 2014 Democratic primary campaign for MN governor rather badly, garnering ONLY ~4.5% of the total vote (he got ~8500 votes total)—-he has some balls talking about someone WINNING by ONLY ~3% of the vote—-Ventura got ~774,000 total votes in a three-way race.

        Go away, Leslie.

  2. paturnerart Says:

    I have always liked Jesse Ventura and think he is a great guy and it’s a shame we don’t have more like him.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      I like Jesse too. It’s just a damn shame that he allowed himself to be hoodwinked and become part of the very kind of disinformation campaign that he has railed against in other contexts.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        I will repeat that he now has more credibility among the “unwashed” because of that drift to the darkside. As long as he now stays on track and keeps playing the right tune, the rats will follow him anywhere, and that’s to our benefit..

        • greenman3610 Says:

          proving that the global AGW conspiracy has been even more crafty and treacherous than we thought

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Why yes, the global AGW conspiracy certainly IS “crafty and treacherous”, and it’s all Al Gore’s fault.

            Haven’t you been listening to Anthony Watts and friends?

            It’s like a set of Matryoshka dolls, and they are all still trying to figure out how to open the first one.

      • Both of the established camps have major disinformation elements in their orthodoxies.  This leaves people who insist on having all their facts straight without a political home, and helps block any worthwhile change by giving the opposition easy targets to assail.

        The Republicans’ disinformation points include energy and science in general (with climate and biology particularly prominent, though cosmology takes hits too).

        The Democrats’ disinformation points mostly center around social “science”, particularly criminology and related issues.

      • petermogensen Says:

        What actually happened?

        The conspiracy show was one of the most sleazy pieces of misinformation I’ve seen. How and when did Jesse realize he was on the wrong side of reality and has he ever apologized? (not to me or the public, but at least to people like Ben Santer)

  3. A small point of order: You shouldn’t be scare quoting “lord” when referring to Monckton, he really is a viscount and can use the style.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Point of ordure is more like it. He really is a viscount? Please, Chak, remind us of why that is important?

      I have always thought he was one of the losers in Monty Python’s Twit Race. He certainly looks, acts, and sounds like one.

      By the way, anyone who wants to have a title can buy one rather cheaply at The title of “Royal Lordship of FROXMERE COURT or CROWLE HACKETT” has been reduced by 60% and is ON SALE for only $3,000

      • andrewfez Says:

        Ha, ha!

        I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Lordship of Rafford title. Hope it comes with the right to erect wind turbines on whoever owns the land there.

        My finest compliments to Mr. Firepaw and please do note that he should now address me in the selfsame manner as he does the Monckton fellow. We Lords look rather coldheartedly down our noses at ol’ Monckton for stirring up the non-elect and those of chronic want, concerning birth certificates and glaciers.

        If I was Bill Gates i would troll that website pretty hard…

    • greenman3610 Says:

      he has represented himself as a member of the House of Lords, which he is not, and has been repeatedly called out by the Parliament for doing so.

    • lesliegraham1 Says:

      From a letter to Viscount Monckton of Brenchley from David Beamish, the Clerk of the Parliaments

      My predecessor, Sir Michael Pownall, wrote to you on 21 July 2010, and again on 30 July 2010, asking that you cease claiming to be a Member of the House of Lords, either directly or by implication. It has been drawn to my attention that you continue to make such claims.

      I must repeat my predecessor’s statement that you are not and have never been a Member of the House of Lords. Your assertion that you are a Member, but without the right to sit or vote, is a contradiction in terms. No-one denies that you are, by virtue of your letters Patent, a Peer. That is an entirely separate issue to membership of the House.

      I must therefore again ask that you desist from claiming to be a Member of the House of Lords, either directly or by implication, and also that you desist from claiming to be a Member “without the right to sit or vote”.

      I am publishing this letter on the parliamentary website so that anybody who wishes to check whether you are a Member of the House of Lords can view this official confirmation that you are not.

      David Beamish
      Clerk of the Parliaments

      15 July 2011

      • dumboldguy Says:

        If anyone wants to see the full details about Monckton’s many failings, they should go to “Lord Monckton’s Rap Sheet” on Climate Asylum. He is a fool and charlatan of the highest order, and it is a measure of how sad and sorry the Repugnants in Congress are that they invited him to testify. It is also interesting to note that he has NO science training whatsoever, which may be why the “I am not a scientist” Repugnant morons felt so comfortable with his non-expettise.

        • lesliegraham1 Says:

          It absolutely beggars belief that anyone, regardless of their understanding or lack thereof regarding climate science, should take this utter charlatan seriously, let alone a major section of the goverment of a developed ‘western’ democracy. (Well OK – a developed corporate plutocracy)
          He is from a bygone age – he has even claimed to have invented a cure for the common cold! In another time and place he would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town on a log.

  4. dumboldguy Says:

    Speaking of Ordure, here’s their latest neurofunk. It starts slow but improves. Fez—-are you out there? is this good stuff or just noise?

    • andrewfez Says:

      Well, I don’t think i’m qualified to say, as i have a strong ideological bias against music that features a minimalist rhythmic component (a repetitive drum beat).

      This component literally hypnotizes listeners into accepting whatever else is placed atop it. And it enslaves the other elements of music (melody, harmony, dynamics, time effects (rubato, etc.), timbre, texture, etc.), so that they cannot fully develop to reflect the full potential of the human mind. It also limits large scale, intricate architectural construction of musical form.

      My bias extends into the larger social realm, in that i find because this hypnotic feature of a repetitive beat is so universally attractive to some primitive element of our brains, that most music whose primary purpose is to be packaged into a unit product for large scale consumption uses such in a lazy and exploitative manner. It is a capitalist tool to maximally exploit people’s emotion for profit. Further, it is used in shopping centers, stores, restaurants, etc. in an attempt to keep people from achieving rationality, but instead to put them in a more primitive, emotive state in which the instinctual need to acquire resources is primed, motivating them toward a higher magnitude of purchasing and consumption. This has a secondary side effect in that it helps zombify the masses out of thoughtful opinions on national policy – it help keep them in their programed, consumptive mode.

      Then there is a gross level of cronyism at the main performance royalty organizations (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) where songwriters are treated as gods and instrumental composers are second class citizens. For years these companies considered song music to be an automatic ‘feature performance’, worthy of a weighting multiple times that of an instrumental piece, such that a piece of instrumental music would only receive something like 5 cents per every dollar a song would generate in royalties for 1 minute of music aired on TV. Most networks were only lightly sampled too, so that if you had music on a show, it may or may not even qualify for that 5 cents on the dollar scam (it would more likely than not qualify for the zero reimbursement scam as the survey only looked at a small amount of music on a channel); meanwhile channels like MTV, VH-1, and CMT (song performance venues) were 100% surveyed so if you were a songwriter with music there, there was a 100% guarantee you would get paid. These companies also collected money from TV broadcasters on behalf of mostly instrumental composers, and siphoned it off to pay royalties for songs being played on the radio. Gross wealth redistribution was/is happening here.

      The ASCAP board is mostly songwriters setting the policy to maximize their gain by exploiting middle class instrumental composers (not that there are many of those left because of such). They hijacked the electoral process back in the early 2000’s to make sure no write in candidates could get elected after one instrumental composer was elected by a grass roots campaign during that time. The original rule was you needed 25 signatures to be put on the ballot. The crony rule then said you needed a % of total membership to get put on which equated to thousands of signatures, whilst they simultaneously nixed access to members names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails, making it virtually impossible to collect enough signatures to get elected.

      Maybe I can be on Jesse Ventura’s show sometime?

      • dumboldguy Says:

        So it IS noise, but of a very dangerous and devious kind.

        “It is a capitalist tool to maximally exploit people’s emotion for profit… is used in in an attempt to keep people from achieving rationality… put them in a more primitive, emotive state……a secondary side effect in that it helps zombify the masses out of thoughtful opinions on national policy.”

        WOW! So, it’s the music equivalent of Rush Limbaugh and Faux News and appeals to the primitive reptilian brain that Mooney talks about in The Republican Brain? The fear response-centered amygdala that conservatives rely upon rather than the thinking parts of their brains? WOW again!

        Is that why Repugnants are always singing God Bless America and America the Beautiful? They’ve been “zombified”? Or maybe they’re subconsciously fighting their zombification? We dumbold guys get so confused sometimes.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        PS When you go on Jesse’s show, take me with you.

    • I’ve heard considerably worse, but I recommend Sky Flying By instead.

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