If 400,000 People Were on the Street Outside Your Office, Would You Notice?

September 22, 2014

Well, I would. You probably would.

But TV journalists are highly trained, and rigorously selected, to be able walk right through such a thing and be completely incurious and oblivious.
Hey, that’s why they make the big bucks.

Jack Mirkinson in Huffington Post:

The People’s Climate March on Sunday was perhaps the largest climate change protest in history. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of New York City. Celebrities and high-profile politicians were among the marchers. The protest was a huge topic on social media.

All in all, it was a perfect opportunity for some of America’s biggest news organizations to cover the topic of climate change, something that usually gets either ignored or badly handled. For Sunday talk show hosts, there was even a nice political hook, since the march was pegged to a UN summit that President Obama will be attending.

Well, so much for that idea. It seems climate change remains one potentially world-shattering issue that just can’t get any respect on television. No Sunday morning show except MSNBC’s “Up” so much as mentioned climate change, or the march, save for one stray reference on “This Week” by The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel. She pointed out that the march was actually gathering right outside the ABC studios in Lincoln Center where the show is taped.

“NBC Nightly News” was the only evening news show to do any segment on the march. (ABC devoted about 23 seconds to the topic in its evening show, and CBS spent exactly zero seconds on it.) Cable news, with the exception of Al Jazeera America, mostly looked the other way, besides a couple of segments on CNN and MSNBC.

A correspondent writes to me:

While the rally exceeded expectations in terms of turnout and energy. I have to say even I am floored by the abysmal coverage on the part of the networks.
As far as I can tell — based on (a friend’s) vigilant monitoring and what I’ve seen – or not seen – this morning, it is truly appalling that CNN, and apparently ABC  and CBS (one minute of random raw footage on cbsnews.com does not cut in my book) ignored what was happening in their own backyard, weekend or not.
Good for NBC Nightly News for at least doing a story on it but cannot say the same for it’s Today Show which so far this morning — almost two hours in — has
not so much as mention the historic rally. They have, of course, heavily covered the missing UVA student, sadly still missing with NOTHING NEW TO REPORT, and what Gwen Stefani “really” thinks about the judges on some stupid talent show. Ugh.



28 Responses to “If 400,000 People Were on the Street Outside Your Office, Would You Notice?”

  1. omnologos Says:



    a very impressive number – leaving the open question of why the organizers didn’t think it was enough

    • dumboldguy Says:

      A better question would be “Why is Omno wasting our time with inanities yet again?”

      • omnologos Says:

        no, no…the one to answer now is…does dumboldguy exist, if I or the Eng Poet don’t post any comment?

        Because, like, you never contribute anything apart from childish whining about some people not reasoning exactly like you do…

        • dumboldguy Says:

          LOL Classic Omno comment. Confused and clueless.

          One only has to look at “thumbs” to see what the Crock community thinks about “contributions”. Omno holds the record for “downs”. It would appear that Omno is the one doing the “childish whining” here, and his time would be better spent in trying to figure out why EVERYONE seems to think that his “reasoning” is the problem, not mine.

          Because, like, I’m not alone in thinking that Omno’s “reasoning” is exactly UNLIKE everyone else’s on Crock and that his “contributions” are almost always totally without value except for giving the rest of us an opportunity for a brief “anti-Alzheimer’s” exercise as we chop him up.

  2. […] It must be said these governments are aided by mainstream news media. A few, but far from all, major newspapers have carried the Climate March story on their front page. The silence from some TV news shows has been deafening. […]

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