The Tipping Point

September 21, 2014

We won’t know for decades whether we have crossed critical thresholds, tipping points, in the climate system, but I think this much we can say – the Climate and Renewable Energy movement crossed a tipping point on September 21, 2014.

Elite media journalists, the kool kids of DC, true to current form, will be the last to know.
UPDATE: Monday morning talk shows largely ignored the climate march.

Shhhh. Be vewy, vewy, quiet… let’s see how long it takes them….

Media Matters:

Sunday news shows on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and Fox failed to cover the People’s Climate March, a massive protest against climate change being held September 21 in New York City in conjunction with events in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Meet the PressFace the NationState of the Union, and Fox News Sunday ignored the event, which is being touted by participants as “the largest mobilization against climate change in the history of the planet.” The Nation editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel briefly mentioned the march on ABC’s This Week while arguing that national security concerns surrounding climate change are not receiving adequate attention.



They’re calling it the largest mobilization against climate change in the history of the planet. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators of all ages and from around the world turned out for the massive People’s Climate March Sunday, filling the streets of midtown Manhattan with demands for global leaders take action to avert catastrophic climate change.

Crowds gathered with banners, flags and floats around Columbus Circle late Sunday morning as music and chants rang out at the start of the march. At exactly 12:58 p.m., demonstrators held a moment of silence in honor of the victims of climate change, followed by a cacophony of noise with drums, cheers and horns to sound the alarm to the crisis.


NYTimes environmental writer Justin Gillis tweets on the march.

Organizers estimate that as many as 310,000 demonstrators turned out for the march, though police won’t comment, telling msnbc they don’t release crowd numbers. The crowds were so massive that by mid-afternoon, organizers said they were asking people to disperse and cut the march short by nearly ten street blocks.

Vice News:

Overwhelming Manhattan’s seemingly unwhelmable Midtown neighborhood, demonstrators rallied together in support of Mother Earth two days ahead of the UN summit, where nations are expected to lay the groundwork for a future carbon emissions plan. Any potential binding agreement is not expected to be made until the Climate Change Conference in Paris late next year.

Organizers had expected around 100,000 people to attend but announced Sunday afternoon that more than 310,000 protesters had assembled. The impressive march, organized in conjunction with more than 2,800 events in 166 countries, couldn’t have come at a more demonstrative moment — just a week after national climate scientists reported searing temperatures over the summer months that broke all records since, well, records began.


51 Responses to “The Tipping Point”

  1. […] at 8:16 on September 21, 2014 by It was an honor and a privilege to join 310,000 concerned citizens of the world at the People’… If the fossil fuel industry is an immovable object of avarice, this march represents an […]

  2. rpauli Says:

    Thanks SO much for the wide shot image. Ever since the 1960’s mass media as lied about the numbers in mass demonstrations.

    Even today, NPR said “10’s of thousands” in NYC … Anyone can see for themselves. Figure that a big pro football stadium holds 100,000 people – and your shot seems to show a few stadia at least.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Even FAUX News accepted the 310,000 number, which would make one think that it was actually substantially higher (since FAUX would want to minimize the numbers to please its “base”).

      Saw a later estimate that was well up over 400,000. Anyone who has ever been in NYC and knows that area will have no problem with those figures—I myself was stunned by the size of the crowd.

      • greenman3610 Says:

        RLMiller tweeted that a police scanner was overheard to say 600k

      • MorinMoss Says:

        I briefly scanned a diss-cussion over on Tonyboy Watts’ denierblog and the usual sus-skeptics were doing their best to downplay the numbers, showing pics of only a few dozen or hundread, and saying that most of the protesters were paid to show up or that conservatives don’t have time to protest because they’re out working and paying taxes.

        Hmm, so there were a LOT of conservatives unemployed when Obama was elected who were showing up at all those Tea Party / townhall events?
        And now they all have jobs but Obama hasn’t created any??

  3. andrewfez Says:

    Kinda odd – realizing that one lives the the era right before the tipping points. You hear on the news that millennials have never seen a colder year than the global average, starting from the industrial revolution. But even they are enjoying an apparent ‘climate choice era’. Lots of pro-climate choice folks coming out today next to the park. Wish that would have been the size of the anti-bank crowd a few years ago.

  4. redskylite Says:

    The International Business Times puts reports 600,000 marchers along Manhattan’s west side, looks impressive. Hopefully world leaders and captains of industry will get the message.

  5. omnologos Says:

    Meanwhile on planet Earth…

    Leave it to archwarmist BBC to explain how things are

    1. figure of 600k is an estimate for the world

    2. London attracted only 40k – this means organizers only focused on New York – pretty easy to understand why

    3. 310k is a curious estimate – usually one says 300k or 350k or 250k. It’s most likely a figure used so that news titles can claim “more than 300 thousands”.

    4. never ever heard of organizers downplaying the number of people attending. This suggests actual figure around 150k – still impressive. Also, the idea that there are too many people for the organizers themselves and they are forced somehow to end earlier than expected, is totally risible. Something must have happened, or somebody must have strongly suggested such a move, for some other reason.

    5. in any case, climatechangist extraordinaire Roger Harrabin, BBC Environment analyst opined “Well, the marches brought more people on to the streets than ever before, partly thanks to the organisational power of the e-campaign group Avaaz” – this means the numbers were not strictly made of people worried about climate change in particular. Like an Occupy Climate for a Day.

    6. in fact, many outlets are having a field day with all the pics of crazy self-described watermelons. A dream come true, for those outlets: describe climate change as a communist issue

    7. the BBC flagship morning programme “Today” has not a peep about the demonstrations, in its “top news” list this morning. The news is confined small on the main BBC news website, below even MAVEN’s arrival at Mars.

    8. Harrabin himself suggests why journaists are now playing a different narrative than before, when he writes of “weary climate politics watchers” – presumably, himself.

    9. Note also, that CNN has the news of the big demonstration already relegated aside on their website – if you don’t search for it, you won’t find it.

    The tipping point would be be when FOX News joins in, not when CNN and BBC run away from the topic. The end result is likely to be a full-on politicization of Avaaz, discrediting a lot of their efforts.

    • redskylite Says:

      Once again I’m puzzled at your point and direction, at least there is a highly visible protest and spectacle with such illustrious people as Ban Ki Moon, Jane Goodall and Al Gore marching peacefully together in protest. What march would you join in on and how many people would join in with your illustrious compadres, the Koch Bros, Fred Singer, Monckton, Watts and Nigel Lawson, assuming they are the people you align with (that is not clear to me either).

      • omnologos Says:

        The point is about trying to understand who these people are, and if they represent a tipping point.

        For example I can now add that the International New York Times, formerly the International Herald Tribune, has written zero about the march on Fri, Sat and Mon. Maybe there will be something tomorrow. This is no Koch sponsored publication, they have Justin Gillis and Paul Krugman busy telling us daily that climate change mitigation will cost zero and the future is solar, the future is now.

        Maybe yesterday was the tipping point away from the usual, tired mainstream climate change hypocrisy by the leftist High Society, and towards a more militant socialist campaigning.

        • redskylite Says:

          I think you insult climate science by equating the protesters as “leftist” and “militant socialists”. There have been demonstrations worldwide, in many countries “left” and “socialism” have no meaning and do not exist. People are demonstrating because they believe there is not enough action being taken to phase out fossil based energy use, regardless of political beliefs. The concern is world wide and just as strong in states where political parties do not exist.

          I’ve heard the sinister militant socialist line before on other issues, I’m sure Desmond Tutu and Ban Ki Moon would laugh at such a label.

          • omnologos Says:

            Listen you bright and beautiful, we are talking about worldwide marches by 600k people so there is no possible comment anybody can make that can be taken as an insult to climate science.

            It’s demonstrations, not science.

            Now I have already mentioned how a commenter of impeccable green climatechangeism credentials as Harrabin has attributed the numbers to Avaaz. This is confirmed by the slant given to the happening by CNN. Also, were it not for New York all this effort would have been a fizzle, as in London.

            In fact, all the reporting is now concentrated on what happened in New York. We can safely assume, from the pictures shown by the Guardian, that organizations like have been severely swamped. There were many people demonstrating about the climate, but we will only know in the future if climate were really what they were interested, or simply a means to change the world into whatever Avaaz would like it to be.,

          • redskylite Says:

            At nearly 70 I should be flattered at being called “bright and beautiful”. I follow this blog because I am concerned with climate change and want to see change for the sake of future generations (including, most importantly, my own grandchildren), I do not know why you follow it at all as you only contribute negativity.

            The Global day of action which took place in 2005-2006 took place in 35 different countries, The fact is the latest demonstrations (Peoples Climate March) took place in 166 countries and I think that’s a tipping point passed, you can think whatever you like..


          • dumboldguy Says:

            “I do not know why you follow it at all as you only contribute negativity.”

            As I said, he comes here for attention—-stop wasting your time trying to treat him as if he was serious about discussing climate change.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        It’s easy to be “puzzled at Omno’s point and direction”. He has none. He is here just to hear himself talk and “aligns” with no one except perhaps other narcissistic WIFI’s. Let’s ignore him today and hope he goes away.

    • andrewfez Says:

      =310k is a curious estimate – usually one says 300k or 350k or 250k. It’s most likely a figure used so that news titles can claim “more than 300 thousands”. =

      Maybe just an area density sample multiplied out for the full area.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        “Maybe just an area density sample multiplied out for the full area” seems to be among the methodologies they used. From what I’ve read, it was not PFTA to reach a predetermined threshold, but was an honest (even conservative) calculation.

    • MorinMoss Says:

      Avaaz?? What’s your beef with them?
      I’ve heard in the past that they turn activists into click-tivists, in other words, too lazy to show up but now you’re blaming them for getting people to turn out??

    • anotheralionel Says:

      “Leave it to archwarmist BBC to explain how things are”

      Now I know that you are a poe.

      It was the ‘archwarmist’ BBC who rolled out the likes of Benny Peiser, Andrew Montford, Lord Lawson at the drop of a hat and gave other delayer/denier types oxygen.

      This is the same “archwarmist” BBC which still produces articles and segments where doubt and uncertainty are included without proper context in articles which on the surface appear fair and balanced. But as we know any such balance is demonstrably false.

      And Roger Harrabin has engaged in the above.

    • MorinMoss Says:

      Here’s something else for the Denier Media to try to discredit – Forecast The Facts is reporting that they’ve convinced Google to drop all support for ALEC.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Got that same email. It’s surprising how many of these types of petitions DO succeed, and trying to get folks to not support climate deniers in congress is a great idea. Think it’ll work?

        • MorinMoss Says:

          I doubt it’ll work quickly enough in Congress. We’ll have to rely on action at the municipal & state level.
          It’s my fear that Congress is so gerrymandered & entrenched that the best hope in the short term is a sane REPUBLICAN president next election.
          As a wise old Vulcan once said, “Only Nixon could go to China”.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            LOL Isn’t “SANE Republican president” an oxymoron? We haven’t had many that came close to sane—-only Lincoln, TR and Ike come to mind (and Nixon proved to be a bit “crazy” even though he DID “go to China”).

            Romney was minimally “sane” if you stretch the definition, but was made “crazy” and ultimately unelectable by the “race to the bottom” of the 2012 primaries. If any truly “sane” Republican were elected president, he’d find himself in the same position as Obama with regard to Congress—-going nowhere fast and being threatened with impeachment (but by his own party).

            Yes, Congress IS so “gerrymandered and entrenched” (and dirty money so empowered by Citizens United and McCutcheon) that it’s going to be a long battle to restore sanity there. Unfortunately, thanks to ALEC and the dirty money, it’s even worse at the state level in many states. Small groups with “truth and justice” on their side can still make a difference at the local level, but that’s like ants biting an elephant in the bigger picture Here in VA, an increasingly purple (and even blue-ish state), the lower house is owned by the crazies from the backwaters of the state, and they are trying to take the state back to the late 1800’s.

  6. […] We won't know for decades whether we have crossed critical thresholds, tipping points, in the climate system, but I think this much we can say – the Climate and Renewable Energy movement crossed a …  […]

  7. The sheer magnitude of the turnout was stunning. But also impressive was the diversity of people and their expressions of grave concern about where we are headed. Let’s hope those in charge get the message.

  8. petersjazz Says:

    Im so amazed that this is not covered in Swedish media. How can that be? We just had a election and now social democrats and green party will try to setup a minority government.

  9. Paul Magnus Says:

    Time saying 400,000

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