Dr. Katharine Hayhoe Interviewed by Bill Moyers

September 13, 2014

27 Responses to “Dr. Katharine Hayhoe Interviewed by Bill Moyers”

  1. lorne50 Says:

    Could not watch that after the no cattle thing ‘TRUCKS” what a pile of crap ! ;>)

    • Smart move lorne50. Most of the interview was about your predisposition. You would have not been pleased.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Maybe I’m getting dumber as I get older, but what the heck are you two talking about? What is “the no cattle thing ‘TRUCKS'” and why is it “a pile of crap” (or not)?

        • You’re OK DOG. After a search on “lorne50”, it’ll make sense that lorne50’s comment makes no sense.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Thank you. Yes, I was able to locate some comments from our boy on other sites—-Martin Lack’s for one. You’re right—-NOTHING I found made any sense at all. With any kind of luck, he’s gone from Crock. (He doesn’t seem to have much “staying power” as he flits from site to site uttering nonsense).

  2. Wow – Katharine Hayhoe is spot on! On every point.


    Will I see you at the #PeoplesClimateMarch?

  3. MorinMoss Says:

    I respect Katherine Hayhoe and the effort she puts into changing hearts & minds.
    But I also abhor pandering and that’s so much of what the religious right feeds on.

    We no longer have the time, the luxury of finding just the right kind of foreplay to get you in the mood. The evidence is there, the changes are evident, not just at home but around the world.

    I’m sick of having to try to convince morons to wake up. They love freedom so much, they’re free to die in their sleep.

  4. It’s always amazed me how evangelical Christians although themselves to be duped and used politically by big corporations with an obvious agenda. Quite frankly, I don’t believe that Rep. James Inhofe is even a Christian – his real religion is money that flows from the oil, coal and gas industries into his pockets. Rush Limbaugh – does he even believe in God? But he blow his Godly dog whistle on AM radio and the Christian sheeple will believe whatever he says.

    The answer to all our energy problems is “drill baby drill.” God put all those fossil fuels in the Earth, because He wants us to go out and drill them. The resulting CO2 is God’s “elixir of life” (yes, Rush Limbaugh has said this), so the more the better, we are doing God’s work by burning oil. And that oil will never run out – the corporate propaganda machine dusted off the thoroughly discredited abiotic oil theory to show how God will send us oil for all eternity (or at least until the Rapture). For those not familiar with it:


    The Tea Party was supposedly founded due to the revelations of theft of Wall Street banks, and the anger about the bailouts they would receive for their theft. But then Fox News and Limbaugh start saying that the financial crisis was caused by “over-regulation by Big Government,” rather than rather obvious under-regulation. Meanwhile, the CEO of Goldman-Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein (one of Wall Street’s biggest swindlers) claims that he was “doing God’s work” while literally stealing. And when OccupyWallStreet happened, Fox/Rush says the protesters are Godless communists. And then suddenly Tea Partiers are OK with the theft, and they want “government to get off the back of business.”

    Big corporations in the USA know how to play “the God card.” Just wave a Bible, and you can convince the true believers that God wants tax cuts for the rich. That evangelicals can’t see that they are being manipulated and used is stunning.

    • ” God put all those fossil fuels in the Earth, because He wants us to go out and drill them.”

      Maybe God put it there as a test. If you (not you, Cy, just to Christians in general) believe God tests you, then why is this such a stretch?

      • dumboldguy Says:

        I think you are missing Cy’s point. Perhaps the real test is the ability to resist false prophets and the lying greedy rich that want to destroy the planet. If so, the evangelicals are failing miserably.

        • Nope, I think you missed MY point, which was not specifically a response to Cy but more taking something Cy said and using it to make my own point.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            God WANTS us to go out and drill for fossil fuels? And that’s a TEST of our faith? If you say so, but that isn’t any part of Cy’s message at all, and I fail to see how you can use what he said to make the conceptual leap that you did

            Perhaps you should reread the first and last sentences of what Cy said—-they make his point and all that lies between them is said in support—-and you missed it.

            If you want to get into bible-babble about the separate topic of “testing” (a la Ecclesiastes 3:18), just do so straight up—-then we can waste time debating why god has to test us when he is supposedly all-knowing (according to John).

        • That statement “God WANTS us to…” was made by Rush Limbaugh… a minister to millions apparently. The point I was trying to make didn’t have much of anything to do with the point Cy was trying to make, I just pulled that quote to make my point. Christians DO believe God tests them. (I’m not a Christian but I did go to a Christian school) So maybe Rush isn’t a minister after all. Maybe he interpreted the fact that oil is in the ground incorrectly, maybe it was a test and NOT a gift to be used. See where I was going?

          Not being religious myself, this is just an exercise in philosophy. But I obviously didn’t make myself clear or we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

  5. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    Katherine was spot on and very eloquent.
    Key point being that global warming denial (or faux denial) is based on an objection to the solutions, which may threaten the power and influence of a wealthy minority, and which may undo the carefully cultivated values of a large section of the population.

    Once people realize that the ideologues have consistently misled them for far too long and that an alternative future is not only possible but necessary, then a lot of people are going to be very angry and hopefully make their feelings known at the ballot box.

  6. firstdano Says:

    Wow. Must see.



  7. mbe11 Says:

    Reading the posts it sure seems like a lot of relgion is being pushed. Not very much science. Moyers is a shill for the PC establishment and always has been as far as I can tell. The doctor was not asked a single hard question about her statements, no proof was neccessary per Moyers, it was PC so good. That is not news, it is a shill speaking.

    The science tells us that CO2 is not currently changeing the planet in the last 16 years, that in the last 800000 years CO2 levels never caused a climate change, they always lagged a climate change by hundreds of years.

    Moyers could do a great service by bringing on people who have done research and come to different conclusions and asking them why they support their position based on the science. As it is he simply soft pedals the questions and sits there as they lie to the American public.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      I have been forced to rethink the naming of Maybe85 after reading this comment. He is now “Maybe79.5”. Much more evidence of decline in his reasoning skills will require that he not be allowed out in public without supervision (or at least be made to wear a vest with blinking warning lights and emblazoned with “Beware—I am a WIFI climate change denialist).

      This comment is just a WIFI rant. “…..it sure seems like a lot of religion is being pushed. Not very much science….”?. Lord love a duck! Yes, Maybe79.5, the whole discussion was really about “religion” and how “religionists” deny science (as you do here with your ignorant BS about CO2).

      Peter could do a great service by banning you from further participation on Crock.

  8. rayduray Says:

    Now every God fearing evangelical in West Texas knows one thing very well. Communism is bad. Communism is evil. Communism is the end of the people’s way of life. Communism is a threat to the wealth of the people.

    For this much is written, in the suppressed books of the Bible which had to contend with such things as Romans, Sumerians, Judeans and other desert infestation.

    But what say you Texans to an infestation of the lands of the Lord emanating from North? Is this the winter of Winterfell come to descend up us Christians? Is this the holocaust of communist domination we have long feared? Or is this the Second Coming, the Born Again old time religion, the success story of Craptialism as written in the think tanks of Beijing as a Communist nightmare for the Western Hemisphere?

    You be the judge:


    By my calculation, the Chinese Communists are out-swindling the Don Tysons and Perdue Chicken boys 10:1 on how to steal a nation.

    America, look to China! This is the glowing beacon of capitalism, er, communism you seek after your various re-births. Crapitalism can be your Rapture, your Ruby on the Ridge!

    Tis far better to be a prosperous reborn Communist than a penurious pauper to the poultry, err I mean the paltry poultry profits of Plainview.

    Everybody must get stoned.

    This video is shot in Moscow, vodka lovers! Enbrace Communism, capitalism lovers, it is embracing you. Hoo Hoo!

    When I left Texas in 1972, all the chicken sexers I knew were Chinese. Coincidence? You be the judge….. <Ominous diminuendo Zildjian cymbal pianisimo diminuento fadeout…. )

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Excellent, excellent stuff, Ray! One of your better rants (and were you “stoned” when you wrote it?)

      “Crapitalism can be your Rapture, your Ruby on the Ridge!”

      “…..a penurious pauper to the poultry, err I mean the paltry poultry profits of Plainview.”?

      “When I left Texas in 1972, all the chicken sexers I knew were Chinese. Coincidence? You be the judge…..”

      (Ominous diminuendo Zildjian cymbal pianisimo diminuento fadeout…. )


      • rayduray Says:

        Glad you enjoyed the satire.

        Out in West Texas, drought is pronounced to rhyme with “South”, thus, it is drouth that Ike Kelton writes about in “The Time It Never Rained”


        Kelton’s book is a good glimpse of what life was like in West Texas in the 1950s, a period when it did not rain for seven years straight. Or, strate, as they’d write it West of the Pecos.

        Of course, West Texas is home to some of the best dance music on the planet. But I digress….

    • andrewfez Says:

      Since they spend a bit of their collective time praying to rain gods for no direct revenue, i think they do embrace a bit of a communist spirit.

      Texans please: If you’re going to pray to the sky god to help the farmers/ranchers out, the free market dictates that you should get reimbursed for your time working for these guys. If i were down there, i would at once create a LLC that bills ranchers for time spend praying for rain for their particular plots. The more the rancher pays, the more prayers I direct toward their particular land. Never mind the competition: my employees all carry guns, hate abortions, are not unionized, and are willing to effectively work for under minimum wage, so you don’t have to worry – you’re getting the real deal with my prayer services.

      There is a caveat though: until we get rid of social security and medicare, God won’t let it rain that much in Texas…

      • rayduray Says:


        I endorse your LLC “gathering in the sheaves” approach to rain god praying. Of course the highest bidder should get the greatest rewards. Let not a little thing like equality ruin a good thing for the rich! As the saying goes out West, water runs uphill toward money.

    • When I left Texas in 1972, all the chicken sexers I knew were Chinese. Coincidence? You be the judge…..

      Thanks for posting that. I didn’t know what a “chicken sexer” was and had to look it up. Good old Wikipedia has a page for it:


      And I thought a “chicken sexer” was someone who has sex with chickens. I learn something new everyday.

  9. dmfant Says:

    She seems to have missed the fact that most of the christianist climate disaster deniers are also devotees of virulent strains of nationalist gospels of prosperity who see the US as being under the protection/providence (when it doesn’t stray from the righteous path) of an all-powerful alien up in the sky. Their politics and their economics are one with their theology in a kind of nightmarish trinity…

  10. I was surprised that she didn’t mention the efforts of the oil and gas industry to discredit global warming and fund politicians, Koch brothers etc.

    • andrewfez Says:

      That was probably done on purpose: She’s probably giving her fellows a ‘get out of jail free’ card in return for them ‘listening to the science’. There’s lot of sociopolitical landmines these guys have to avoid stepping on as they walk toward the light of fact; she’s but uncluttering the pathway.

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