We Are Groot

August 28, 2014

One of the most ominous phrases in the English language, just a few notches below “uncontrollable Arctic methane belch”, is “..a movie with a heart.”
In the case of Guardians of the Galaxy, you can relax.
Starts hooking you emotionally at the start, then descends into silliness, but keeps coming back to surprising emotional notes – so you’re wondering, “is Director James Gunn,  serious? – or was that an accident?”
By the time they get to the last one, you believe it – no accident. Powerful images of emotional realization, ecological relationship, and group transformation. You can see why this is so popular among millennials, and apparently, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 92, almost everyone else.
Like I said, prepare for periods of silliness, but the rewards are there.
Star-Lord jumps, Slow Motion towards a floating stone, Ronan reaching his arm out, in hope, hope that he will catch it, before Quill does. Then, Normal Pace, Quill’s fingers lock around the stone as Gamora screams.
A Blue light surrounds them, engulfing them, screaming and writhing Quill holds on tight to the stone, he stands straight, facing Ronan, who is standing in the light, staring at Quill, then Quill hears something, a scream, his name, coming from his side.
Gamora: (screaming) Peter, Take My Hand!!!!
Peter turns at his friend, her hand outstretched. Then…

Quill’s mum, in her bed, from the start of the movie. Her hand out stretched.
Quill’s Mum: Take my Hand Peter…
The Blue ball fades to a background of stars, a beautiful light shining through space.
Quill: Mum?
Gamora’s screams echoing through-out this world, Quill’s stare, then a shot of Gamora, next to Quill in the stars her arm out-stretched, the stars transform into the blue light, he stretches out his hand, his skin burning and glowing blue, he touches Gamora’s hand and the energy flows through him into her, she screams as well, writhing then, she calms, standing. Ronan stares, shocked. Then Drax struggles to walk up next to Quill and put his hand on his shoulder, his skin burning and glowing blue as well, the three of them, standing strong, together as one. Then, shot of Drax’s hand, and Rocket’s finger, reaching, towards Drax’s closest finger, Rocket places his finger on Drax’s, and joins the Guardians in their pain, he screams, his skin burning and glowing blue. Pan round the Four of them, Gamora, Quill, Drax and Rocket, the Guardians of the Galaxy, joint pain, staring at their enemy, the enemy that brought them together. Ronan, zoom in slow.
Ronan: You’re Mortal. How?
A Shot of Quill’s face, staring at Ronan, his eyes glowing. White and Black.
Quill: You Said it Yourself Bitch. We’re the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Ronan reaches out his hand, and the Stone shoots blue and white light towards him, Quill holding it out, Ronan burning, screaming, in anguish, in pain, in terror. He floats into the air and his skin starts to crack, blue light streaming out of them, he screams and breaks, burning. And disappears, the Guardians standing strong, their enemy defeated, Gamora turns and smacks a containment orb on the stone. And it stops, the Guardians are free, or their pain, their loss and their burden.



One Response to “We Are Groot”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Looks good. It’s in the Netflix queue.

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