More Brewster MacCracken: Solar Power and Electric Vehicles

August 18, 2014

More from my interview with Brewster MacCracken of Austin’s Pecan Street Project.

19 Responses to “More Brewster MacCracken: Solar Power and Electric Vehicles”

  1. […] More from my interview with Brewster MacCracken of Austin's Pecan Street Project.  […]

  2. ppp251 Says:

    Night time charging is convenient, but day time charging is also possible. Economics can decide on this one.

    If solar powered parking lots would charge you less than night time charging then more people would charge during the day.

  3. andrewfez Says:

    EV’s need to step up their game:

    1 million sales by 2018 says the folks who keep an eye on such things.

    • andrewfez Says:

      And it’s been a few days since i watched this, but i think 2018 is also the supposed implementation of carbon fiber parts in a mass produced vehicle. This is another playlist; hope it brings the right video up; was having trouble with my playlist on another recent article:

  4. Other than the home, plug in cars will sit at work!!!! Let’s not over complicate this, and always try to please the guy that won’t buy an ev until he can tow a boat that he doesn’t even own. 🙂
    Look at this please! Workplace charging Works!!!

  5. Gingerbaker Says:

    Unless tech changes, every battery in a developing country is a battery that can’t be use in an electric car. There isn’t enough Lithium to go around – all batteries will have to be recycled.

    Electric roads would fix all that.

  6. McCracken apparently thinks all EVs are Tesla model S’s with the large (85 kWh) battery pack.  He doesn’t seem to realize that the Leaf has 24-25 kWh, which is far more typical of today’s fleet.  PHEVs have even less; the Volt has a 16 kWh battery, the Fusion Energi is 7.6 kWh if memory serves, and the CMAX Energi and Prius plug-in even smaller batteries.

    • andrewfez Says:

      I was watching a video on YT the other day and the fella suggested tracking down an old forklift battery (~ 30kWh)… [9:45 on video]

      • I just did a search for forklift batteries.  I came up with this page for a battery for a Caterpillar 25E:  3178 pounds.  Just the thing for your Voltswagon conversion!  Just take a little welding to avoid pushing the struts through the shock towers….

        • andrewfez Says:

          A little less DIY friendly then.

          Maybe hook a heavy-duty trailer to the Voltswagon (for the purpose of getting it home to run your PV system), and drive 3mph, avoiding stop signs and stop lights. You’ll probably also need a forklift and a concrete pad to build a little hutch around, off the garage.

          I think i might go search YT for forklift battery videos: might be some good stories there…

  7. […] recently interviewed Brewster McCracken, of Austin, Texas’ Pecan Street Project,  who tracks the behavior of households that […]

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