Dark Snow 2014: Sealed with a KISS

August 13, 2014


Dr. Jason Box, Gabriel Warren, and Johnny Ryan at the edge of a Moulin, one of several within a short distance from Dark Snow base.

Kangerlussuaq International Science Support (KISS), August 13, 2014:

We are all completely whipped, sore and exhausted. We’ve thankfully had the chance to shower and have a night between warm, dry, sheets.

I spent today going thru some of the material collected during the previous 12 days. There is enough here to fill out months of videos and blog posts. There will also be significant science published from our collective efforts in coming months.

To all of our supporters: Deepest thanks – I think you’ll be pleased with the products of our efforts.


One of several streams that bordered our camp site flows by the Dark Snow kitchen tent.

I’m not going to go into detail on everything that we did and saw. I’ve still got to wash clothes, pack and spend 2 days in planes and airports before I’m at my desk.

I include the pictures here as a foretaste of things that will be show up in posts and videos in coming months.

Short synopsis: it was cold, it was hard, it was exhausting, we were constantly busy, constantly pushing, very productive, and we feel we met every reasonable expectation for this year. 



Looking east toward Kangerlussuaq



Dr. Marek Stibal analyzing samples in the science tent.


Dr. Jason Box ad Phd student Johnny Ryan go over drone flight data in the science tent.


Dr. Stibal and Box measuring reflectivity at experimental ice algae plots, just south of the camp.


Low evening sun at “Magic Hour” paints the hummocks around camp in bold relief.





Gabriel Warren and Johnny Ryan prepare to launch the UAV.


There’s more. Trust me. There will be much, much, more.

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  1. iheartunity Says:

    looking forward to more details

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