Another Way Tobacco Companies Contribute to Climate Change

July 24, 2014

Speaking of Rainforests, (see post on this page).. I guess it wasn’t enough for the Tobacco companies to perfect the anti-science movement template.

Turns out global deforestation is also business as usual.

4 Responses to “Another Way Tobacco Companies Contribute to Climate Change”

  1. Great video!!
    –there are sooo many ways tobacco screws the atmosphere, water,and economy–think about the whole growing, manufacturing, sales and distribution cycle–plus the polluted ground water,streams,beaches–medical costs,fires,etc.,etc., etc.–

  2. andrewfez Says:

    Right now, as US tobacco use drops, the big companies are moving aggressively into Asian markets.

    There is already a high prevalence of male Korean smokers; enough to catch researchers’ attentions to study if there is a link between smoking a diabetes:

  3. China:
    half the doctors smoke
    more half of the men
    cigarettes are common gifts
    Most cigarettes come from China Tobacco, a state-run company.

    See any problem?
    (Then add air pollution.)

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