Birthing the Solar Age

June 30, 2014

A few years ago I set out to make a series of “Renewable Energy Solution of the Month” videos, but I’ve been swamped in the meantime by continually trying to keep up with and sort out  the tidal wave of information, and disinformation, about climate change itself.  Finally I’m getting back around to presenting the hopeful facts. Speaking to thousands and thousands of people has convinced me that, if you only talk about the problem, and not the path forward, its almost as if people literally, physiologically – can’t hear you.

One more reason to support Dark Snow this year:


For months I’ve been gathering interviews with people I know who are following the renewable energy explosion –  and everywhere I go, I’m telling people that we are in a stage very much like the internet in about 1993 – taking shape and about to blow up. In fact, the key enabling technologies for renewables are growing right out of the distributed information network that is shaping the new century. There’s no going back, and the companies, and countries, that do not grasp the scale of the change we are seeing, may not survive.


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