Best Commercial of the Week

June 1, 2014

3 Responses to “Best Commercial of the Week”

  1. Very organic, kick ass plants man.

  2. 1happywoman Says:

    As a longtime reader, I’m thrilled that you’re finally addressing, even indirectly, the connection between what we eat and AGW.

    To stop eating animal products is arguably the most powerful individual action any of us can take to slow AGW.

    This report by the World Preservation Foundation asserts that worldwide, the environmental impact of livestock is greater than that of fossil fuel:

    In 2010, the United Nations Environment Programme called for the adoption of plant-based eating with the report Assessing the Environmental Impacts of Consumption and Production, in which they identified the overall environmental, including climate change, effects of livestock, including global warming potential and land use change, as being greater than fossil fuels from coal, natural gas and crude oil.

    Click to access ReducingShorterLivedClimateForcersThroughDietaryChange.pdf

    So where’s the call to action from the environmental community?

    This article on the Freakonomics website a couple of years ago speculates why people like Bill McKibben have been silent on this issue:

    Apparently McKibben still has not taken a stand in the intervening 2.5 years, if the campaign page is any indication:

    But YOU can take a stand, Peter. The video you posted today is a good start.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      I’ve blogged on this before. Although not every climate scientist agrees with the most alarming estimates of agriculture contribution to climate change, everyone agrees that changing our ag and forestry practices is a critical, critical part of the solution.
      I’m not a strict vegetarian, because I’m not a strict anything, but for a long time I’ve viewed food as a major tool for individuals to effect change, and ignorance about what is in food, and where it comes from, as a major contributor to social problems.

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