Tornado Blows thru Man-Camp

May 30, 2014

What’s interesting to me about this tornado video is not the tornado, but  that it appears to be taken in a North Dakota Oilfield “man camp”.
Take a good look. It’s the future that big Oil has in mind for much of America. The new American dream – a nation of migrant workers in the global extractive economy.


10 Responses to “Tornado Blows thru Man-Camp”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Yep, it WAS taken in a ND oilfield “man camp”. What’s interesting to me is the collective IQ’s of this bunch. They first seek safety in a truck? Then when it looks like they’re going to get hit by the tornado, they drive off a ways and sit there watching and laughing? While looking UP at the funnel cloud and watching debris sail by overhead? Yep, they must have those new options in their F-150—-bulletproof glass and depleted uranium frame weights to resist 150+mph winds. DUH! No wonder we have so many accidents in the oil patch. When they arrive in a neighborhood near you to destroy it , be prepared to have your town “dumbed down”.

    (The news reports I heard said that the only one hurt was a 15 year old girl. I find that interesting too for many reason).

    • Shhh… silence… don’t interrupt evolution…

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Yep, it’s politely termed “non adaptive behavior” and DOES result in removal of their genes from the human gene pool if we’re lucky.

    • andrewfez Says:

      Off to work at present, but found something oldguy might like:

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Of course I like it, because it made many of the same points I did in my comments on the Solar Roadway thread, thereby proving how undumb I am. Seriously, this lays it all out, and is the definitive expose of what pure BS the Solar Roadway is. it is a con job, pure and simple, and it IS quite disturbing to see how many people have been sucked in by it and contributed $$$$. There really is a sucker born every minute and this guy and his wife are ready to take them.

        • andrewfez Says:

          Hopefully they’ll figure out something else to do with their ideas.

          And hopefully they’re only putting the recycled, colored glass on the bottom side of their glass bricks, underneath the PV components.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            I would bet that they do absolutely nothing with their pile of recycled glass except shovel it into their wheelbarrow for PR pics intended to entice the gullible to buy into their “concept”. I wonder how much it cost them to have someone deliver it out there and dump it on the lawn?

            It does look like the pile really IS in their backyard, and not on the premises of a company that actually recycles glass by melting it down and casting it into new shapes. Of course, maybe another of their “ideas” is a solar kiln of some sort in their yard to melt the glass? They’ll have to build a new shed to house it, because the garage seems to be full of their Potemkin Village lab, factory, and testing facility.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      And? Mrs. O’Leary’s cow burned down Chicago and they are farting all that methane also—we need to turn them all into burgers and rid the Earth of them.

  2. MorinMoss Says:

    Those idiots are lucky their truck didn’t get swept up and dropped in Oz but at least they now have a great story to tell the kids.

    “This one time, at man camp…….”

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