NOAA: March Was Fourth Warmest on Record Globally

May 10, 2014

16 Responses to “NOAA: March Was Fourth Warmest on Record Globally”

  1. Hay Gee Says:

    These are all statement that the climate fearmongers have actually said global warming causes.

    Repeat for all you warmists….I DID NOT MAKE ANY OF THIS UP

    IS responsible for any manner of events now:
    Too hot
    too cold
    too wet
    too dry
    too snowy
    not snowy
    too windy
    hard hail
    hardly any hail
    high tides
    poor agricultural practices
    invisible Dust Bowls
    idiots who built on sand or flood plains
    “quietest year for tornadoes in the U.S.” (“Wikipedia”)
    missing hurricane seasons (CPC)
    ozone depletion leaking GW into space (NASA)
    rising Polynesian sea levels
    rising Baltic land levels
    loss in local gravity
    cats with cold noses
    hemorrhoids in Chihuahuas
    socialist’s toothaches
    gout in night crawlers
    mud volcanoes
    35 million year old Arctic Farts
    rising insurance rates
    shark attacks
    drive-by shootings
    teenage pregnancy
    “diversity” (I could not make this up;-)
    algae blooms
    the Grinch
    bottlenose dolphin die-off (Not sonar or measles; AGW!)
    starfish wasting disease (not a pathogen, at all; AGW!)
    Rainfall in the Pacific NW, due to vagaries of wind
    El Nino in the Pacific Ocean, especially Galapagos Is.
    Alaska set new wind chill record, during warmer than average winter
    Crime waves
    Kitty litter disease in Beluga Whales
    Arctic Vortex enabling W.Nile virus to spread frostbite
    Chipotle’s dropping Guacamole dip (NOT due to Weather Change; CLIMATE!)
    Not enough space…
    …and it’s ALL Man’s fault!

    • Childish humor. I’m sure your school yard chums must think this is funny.

    • rayduray Says:

      This is good Hay Gee. You’re well on your way to mastering English as a subject matter.

      Now try to take a crack at science. Be careful though, you seem to have a steep learning curve ahead of you in this subject. 🙂

      You might consider this helpful Cliff Notes version of what the IPCC, NOAA, NASA, UKMET and Australian BOM have been doing for decades. You and your 10 seconds of familiarity with the science indicate a lot of catching up on your part is needed.

      You know, I just don’t know whether in salutation I should say “grow up” or “best of luck to you on catching up”. Either one seems perfectly applicable.

      Cordially, Ray

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Assuming HG is even serious about all this horsepucky, you should probably drop the idea of using “grow up”. HG may grow older (if he doesn’t mindlessly step off the curb in front of a bus), but the chances of his “growing up” are slim to none.

    • jsam Says:

      Who would have thought changing the climate would affect anything?

      Hay Gee, where the derp is strong.

  2. Hay Gee Says:

    All of these so called “facts” the warmist produce every second of their lives comports with the endless models forecasting drowned cities, polar tropical islands, and all the rest. If one simply assumes that warming will resume, and increase at exponential rates, one can predict any effects one wants. That assumption, however, is precisely what the warmists have lost the right to make. Or, to be precise, they have lost the right to make the assumption their political masters and grant committees really want, which is that this predicted future warming is man-made. The collapse of the theory’s core element, the CO2/temperature causal relationship, denies them this.

    The climate fear-mongers, seeing that the jig is up for their theory — the CO2 is there, the necessary effects aren’t — are stealthily skulking along to the next stage of the project — namely, cross your fingers that the propaganda has taken hold so that most people will not ask you to prove anything, and then carry on making dire predictions, carefully framing them to appear to the casual reader as descriptions of events that are already happening.

    • andrewfez Says:

      Batting a -14, I see. Don’t feel bad; correlation doesn’t imply causation; most people are just plain sick of dressed monkey photos.

      Here, try this website: it’s right up your alley:

    • redskylite Says:

      There are so many labels about, it is beginning to annoy me, “fear-mongers, warmists, alarmists, contrarians, deniers,” why do you feel the need to label everyone and everything like a cold war communist propaganda machine.

      Someone recently invented a new class called absolutists who promoted absolutism, meaning (I think) those in favour of ditching fossil fuel as a prime energy source.

      Do you not know that bad and alarming things have occurred on Earth in the past ?, (not only climate related) and bad alarming things will occur in the future for sure.

      I think you would feel fear if a large sized meteorite was hurtling towards our planet, would you want the news suppressed to keep you in a comfortable, insulated zone (while Bruce Willis does his magic). Trouble is it would get obvious as the heavenly body got closer.

  3. dumboldguy Says:


    Please check Hay Gee’s IPS address. I suspect he is Stonehead Swallow or King Dupe returning under a new identity, and should be sent to the same place they were to spout their crap—–someplace other than Crock.

    A few useful idiots may be necessary, but HG is just an idiot (and useless).

    • greenman3610 Says:

      DOG, there’s a lot of stupid out there.
      stay tuned.

    • andrewfez Says:

      At least when he posts here his propaganda is the very essence of impotence: no one here believes him; he’s not garnering conversions to the dark side; at best he’s wasting his own time, where his efforts would be greater rewarded by posting on some larger, more general outlet, or some site dedicated to unicornology, rainbowology, or the like.

    • “The collapse of the theory’s core element, the CO2/temperature causal relationship, denies them this.”

      Being 190 years behind the science is beyond King’s ignorance.

  4. redskylite Says:

    Interesting speculation from pollwatcher (Daily Kos), possible alignment with El Nino and PDO:

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Speaking of rainbowology, google “Youtube rainbow conspiracy” for two minutes of Mrs. Hay Gee at her finest.

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