Republicans Increasingly Defensive on Climate

May 9, 2014

Above, GOP Senator Marco Rubio complains that President Obama is ‘not a meteorologist”, so shouldn’t, apparently, listen to people that are.  He states he “understands there is a vast consensus” on the science of climate change.
He then shifts, and resorts to fogging the issue with straw men, successfully running out the clock on the interview.
This behavior, and other observations, indicate the increasing discomfort in the GOP that facts are catching up with them, and time is running out on the united front of denial.


Not all that long ago, leading Republicans took strong positions on climate change. Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the party’s 2008 presidential nominee, co-authored legislation to cap greenhouse gas emissions. And former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee presented the fight against global warming as a religious cause.

These days, it’s difficult to find a Republican candidate willing to speak out in favor of doing something. Anyone who does so risks defeat in GOP primaries, where ardent climate change skeptics hold sway.

This is a problem for the country, indeed the world.

The National Climate Assessment, released this week, adds to a mounting and overwhelming body of evidence that the effects of rising temperatures are here and now — and that even higher sea levels, more extreme weather and water shortages are in our future if nothing is done.

Addressing the threat won’t be easy, or popular. But denying that a problem even exists — which is common among the most vocal of Republicans — risks branding the party as one that is anti-science and refuses to participate in constructive governance.

Given the increasing scientific certainty about global warming, and the likelihood that public opinion will shift in the face of ever more compelling evidence, Republicans should be thinking of ways of getting out in front of the issue.

Otherwise, like climate change itself, it will overtake them before they can react.

Below, on CNN, ‘conservative” S.E. Cupp complains that “Science Guy” Bill Nye is ‘bullying” her with the facts.(hard to watch, go to 5:20 for the takeaway)

Facts are stubborn things. That climate deniers are more and more changing tactics, less to deny the science, and more to tap dance around and delay actual solutions, shows that they feel the ground shifting beneath them, but don’t know how to respond.
Fact based citizens should continue to firmly, politely, and repeatedly point people to the best resources on climate, that every poll shows people still trust above all, our mainstream scientific organizations –  NASA, NOAA, National Snow and Ice Data Center, National Academy of Science, and the peer reviewed literature.

The clip below is an extended piece from the current Showtime series, Years of Living Dangerously – I’ve posted part of this before – where (recently indicted) GOP congressman Michael Grimm is, at least here, honest about the the increasingly unsupportable GOP intransigence on climate. What’s new here is the prelude, a conversation between Grimm and former Rep. Bob Inglis, a conservative who gets climate, and understands, as USAToday noted above, that its well past time for conservatives to begin proposing solutions.



88 Responses to “Republicans Increasingly Defensive on Climate”

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  2. MorinMoss Says:

    How does that faketheist SE Cupp get airtime?
    Okay, she’s smarter than Sarah Palin but c’mon.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Legs? And Boobs? And the sexy librarian look?

      • MorinMoss Says:

        On an entertainment show, that might be acceptable but not news & discussion.

        And am I the only one who finds her unattractive? The 1st time I saw her, several years ago on Real Time with Bill Maher, I wondered if she was transgendered.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          First, I don’t find her particularly attractive either, especially face-wise and vocally. Sarah may be dumber than a rock but she IS more appealing (except for the claws).

          And the use of babes is “NOT acceptable” for news and discussion shows? Wherever have you been? Perhaps the most glaring example is our old friends at Fox News, who lead the pack with the best collection of drop-dead gorgeous “news and discussion” females around.

          Watch “The Girls of Fox News” video for a good look at them all and a catchy country-western tune. Here’s a link to the Young Turks discussing it briefly and playing it. It will get your heart rate up a bit so it’s a good cardio thing as well.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            OOPS—-I just snatched a link off the google list, and the Young Turks shortened it. HerE’s the link to the full video, the one that will get your heart rate up. MORE COWBELL INDEED! OOHRAH!

          • omnologos Says:

            Cannot see the video. Can you please post the link as broken, eg “youtu” instead of “”

          • dumboldguy Says:

            I don’t understand why you can’t access it. The easy fix is for you to just Google “The Girls On Fox News”. The song went viral and you will have many hits to choose from—-the full song is 4:18 in length.

          • skeptictmac57 Says:

            Personally,I would much rather watch,and listen to Doris Kearns Goodwin rather than anyone from this group.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Who listens to anyone on Faux News? Like Ailes does it, it is best watched with the sound off.

          • skeptictmac57 Says:

            Ailes doesn’t need to listen since they are only repeating what he has told them to say.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            I don’t listen because nothing they have to say is of interest (and much is not true). The Girls are nice to look at, though.

          • skeptictmac57 Says:

            Artificial flowers can be nice to look at too,but they are still fake and lifeless at their core. I never understood why people found Palin so attractive.As soon as I heard what she had to say,she became ugly in my eyes.

          • omnologos Says:

            Some people are totalitarians to themselves

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Remember, we’re talking only about appearance here, and “some people” (males) are programmed to find certain visible female attributes “attractive”. (And other “people” take advantage of that to sell us stuff, including right wing propaganda). Sarah IS “hot”, whether you like her politics or not.

            PS As someone trained in science and biology, I find many things “attractive”—frogs, sea urchins, slugs—in that they are the end products of evolution and adaptation and fit their niches nicely. Tape worms and maggots less so, though—-their “politics” turn me off.

          • skeptictmac57 Says:

            Well,I guess I am different in that regard. When I was about 22,I was hit on at work by an extremely attractive young woman who had an almost dead ringer resemblance to Wonder Woman actress Linda Carter. Needless to say,I was VERY interested,and asked her out to dinner,which she accepted.
            To make a long story short,I discovered during the date that she was an extremely self centered,and childish person,who enjoyed playing games with people’s lives and had not even a wisp of empathy for others.
            Her baby doll looks and smoking figure suddenly seemed irrelevant and she became quite an unattractive person,and I quit taking her calls,and avoided her at work. That wasn’t the last time that I was disappointed by a woman’s looks not living up to her being someone I could find truly attractive,but after a few more of these experiences,I finally got the message.
            A book really cannot be understood by it’s cover.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            You’re “different” from whom and in what regard? Perhaps you’re a slow learner? Most of us learned those lessons earlier than you. I’m glad I did, although I did search for the “beautiful, smart, stacked, rich, good person” female to marry—-why marry dumb, poor and ugly? Met my wife in college, and she was beautiful, smart, and a good person—-not much $$$ and a bit skinny, but we’ve been married for almost 50 years now.

  3. And DOG writes (comment-page-1/#comment-59085):

    E-Pot offers us proof positive that he is a racist

    I’m afraid that is an old worn-out magic word.  It doesn’t do anything any more.  You’d have better luck with something from old Ambrose:

    CYNIC, n.
    A blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be. Hence the custom among the Scythians of plucking out a cynic’s eyes to improve his vision.

    Racism is the sin of noticing differences that have been declared taboo.  I guess I’m a racist because I noticed that the Black kid who ran into Steve Utash’s truck practically jumped into the side of it.  I guess I’m also a racist because I notice that the house my mother grew up in, just a few miles from where that happened, is a “no go” area for White people and I would be taking my life in my hands if I so much as drove those streets to look.  That must be what “White privilege” is:  risking death if you dare to see your own family history.  Or daring to attend Taste of Cincinnati while White.  Horrible, I’m sure.  Taste of Cincinnati should be reserved for Black people, yeah, that’ll do it.

    anti-Semite, and a GUN NUT

    Oh, dear.  Daring to believe the Second Amendment means as much as the First, Fourth and Fifth when someone with a name ending in “baum” attacks it makes me an anti-Semite?  “Because HOLOCAUST!”, indeed.  And “GUN NUT”!  I only have a few weapons for daily carry, they won’t even fill a small safe.  I only go to the range when I absolutely have to.  Almost all my shooting is pellet guns, dealing with vermin (of which there’s plenty about).  Which reminds me, I’ve got a second scope to zero in tomorrow, and a Benjamin pump-up that needs new seals.

    You better watch out, DOG.  If I come up to you and say “BOO!”, I’ll likely be carrying a live firearm!  With a round in the chamber, even!  It’ll probably knock you dead from the proximity, like all those hood rats “killed by guns” with no mention of human intervention.  But isn’t it just amazing that all those Whities in the hinterlands, living in houses full of guns, are almost immune to the plague that so afflicts the ‘hood?  That must be another part of White privilege:  guns don’t just leap up and pop a cap in your ass, like those poor Black people.  As an engineer, I guess I have to bear some of the responsibility for the invention of those horrible tools of oppression.

    I suppose that everyone in the ‘hood could escape our horrible racism by going to a country where everyone is Black.  Liberia and Haiti don’t allow White people to be citizens, so they should be safe there.  Strangely, they don’t appear at all popular as places to start new lives.  I wonder why that is?

    (I know you’re not laughing.  That’s because the joke is on you.)

    • dumboldguy Says:

      I will begin by quoting my earlier remarks—-E-Pot is in fact DDOF on us yet again, and strengthening my arguments about his anti-semitism, racism, and gun-nuttery. And I wonder why E-Pot has returned to this dying thread after 5 days to rant? Is he obsessed with trying to get the better of me despite repeated his repeated past failures to do so? I have detected glimmers of a disturbing pattern also—-some of E-Pot’s more deranged rants seem to come on the weekend—–does he engage in activities on the weekend that muddle his thought processes? Hmmmm.

      “You do such a good job of proving all my points for me that I only have to whisper and anyone who is watching will nod in agreement. Please tell me why you continue to double down on foolishness, E-Pot? We may need to invent a new acronym for that if you continue—-DDOF.”.

      I have no desire to pluck E-Pot’s eyeballs out because he cynically (or self-deludedly) proves again to us that he is a racist and anti-semite by trying to deny it. Note also that he is nicely piling up more evidence in this comment for the “gun nut” label.

      He delivers an amazing rant about guns laced with racism at the close, and actually sounds almost drunken. Is that what happens in E-Pot’s world on the weekend—drink too much and rant?

      And listen to the hairy chested man talk about shooting “vermin” with PELLET guns and going to the range “only when he has to”. I’d bet the “vermin” he shoots are other people’s pets. I myself go to the range as often as I can to shoot for fun, and my favorite is the .30-06, the round I was trained to “reach out and touch someone” with at ranges of hundreds of yards. There’s something satisfying about being able to hit an 8-inch target at 100 yards with a weapon that goes BANG and kicks.

      And his Benjamin pump needs new seals? LMAO My only “pump” is a
      Remington 870 Tactical 12 gauge with short barrel and extended magazine and needs only to be cleaned and oiled—no seals.

      Peter chastised me for questioning E-Pot’s mental state on another thread not long ago. If you’re watching this dialogue, Peter, I wonder what you think of this comment by E-Pot?

      “You better watch out, DOG. If I come up to you and say “BOO!”, I’ll likely be carrying a live firearm! With a round in the chamber, even!”.

      If I wanted to play the “mine’s bigger than yours game” with him, I would reply “I’ll be here, and I’ll have a round in the chamber too and seven behind it—a mix of OO Buck and rifled slugs—bring your biggest PELLET gun, and we’ll see what happens”.

      I’m certainly not laughing, E-Pot, and not because the joke is on you. I’m actually a bit saddened by your comments here and the thought that I may have helped bring your delusions and “isms” to the surface. Give it up before you embarrass yourself further (or have I said that to you many times before?)

      • This must mean it’s time for… SNIGLETS!

        SARCHASM, n.:  the gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn’t get it.

        E-Pot is in fact DDOF on us yet again, and strengthening my arguments about his anti-semitism, racism, and gun-nuttery.

        “Strengthening your arguments”?  You’re so dim, you failed to recognize that every one of your Newspeak charges was admitted in writing, and mocked mercilessly.  The trend of “progressives” is to elevate vices and crimes as virtues, and denigrate virtues as crimes.  Example #1:  you.

        I wonder why E-Pot has returned to this dying thread after 5 days to rant?

        Bookmarked in my comments threads, and too unimportant to return to except on an evening with nothing more important on the agenda.  So:  Saturday, FUNTIME!

        laced with racism at the close

        Mobs of Blacks roaming Cincinnati (and Chicago, and “Beat Whitey night” at the Iowa state fair, and…) attacking people for the color of their skin:  NOT racist.  Noticing what the Blacks do and speaking or taking action to avoid becoming a victim:  RACIST.

        “Racism” entered the English language in the 1920’s, from KGB propaganda.  Today, the behavior denoted by the word is indistinguishable from what used to be called “common sense”.  I must commend you for your efforts as a good member of the Comintern, but the public is now on to that little gambit.

        And listen to the hairy chested man talk about shooting “vermin” with PELLET guns and going to the range “only when he has to”.

        See “sarchasm”.

        I’d bet the “vermin” he shoots are other people’s pets.

        What B-H you have left after losing that bet you’re likely to lose in libel suits.

        Shooting other people’s pets is far too easy.  Instead, I scratch their ears and pat their butts.  Should they roll over to protect their backs, I rub their bellies.  Most pets find a way to escape from this within a few minutes, but some become paralyzed and have to suffer it for a goodly fraction of an hour at a time.  Those are often reduced to what look like furry puddles, and I get to do it all over again the next day.  I won’t mention my own poor cat.  Sharing a bed with a hairless ape for the last 8 years is the least of her troubles.

        I’m still waiting for the first “LOST SKUNK” poster.

        If I wanted to play the “mine’s bigger than yours game” with him

        Compensating for something?  Oh, right, an inadequate sense of humor and no grasp at all of irony.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Deja vu all over again. E-Pot once again performs his “demented rooster strutting in the barnyard crowing over his imagined superiority and victories” routine. In the process once again reinforcing all my points and demonstrating to all the extent of his self-delusion. He regales us with: “the author of sarcastic wit’, “mocked mercilessly”, “funtime”, the hugely ironic “no sense of irony”, and the insane statement that “racism was invented by the KGB in the 1930’s but used to be called common sense”

          You are one sick puppy, E-Pot, and you need to get help. Your narcissism and egomania (if not bi-polarity) are starting to overwhelm you, and I remain unconvinced that “funtime” does not include too much alcohol as well.

          PS FYI, racism arrived in this country around 1610 when the first African slaves arrived in Jamestown VA, some 300+ years before the KGB arrived on the world scene.

          PPS In addition to his earlier threat to “scare” me with his pellet gun, E-Pot is now waving around the “libel” word. As was the case with desmids, silica gel, the Solar Roadway, the Power Tower and many other things, I have WAY more knowledge of defamation law than Idiot-Poet and will say again that he is a flaming asshole who needs professional help and may be a danger to himself and others. Go ahead and sue me, fool!

          • Now you’re just being stupid.  I never said I would scare you with a pellet gun.  My carry weapons are for repelling hostile humans and taking out those dumb enough to press an attack; the smallest caliber is .380 Auto.  I assure you, the muzzle energy of even the .380 cartridge is multiples of anything I’ve got in an air gun.

            All massive overkill for squirrels, raccoons, possums, skunks and ground hogs.  I won’t even use .22 LR on them if I don’t have to.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Idiot-Poet says I’M being stupid? It’s a commentary on HIS intelligence that he doesn’t recognize that I’m the one “mocking” HIM with the pellet gun reference, to say nothing of the fact that the only thing I find “scary” about I-Pot is the level of his delusional thinking. (I doubt he’d be able to shoot me if he ever got the chance anyway, since I’m a white man).

            And I wonder what it says about the mental stability of a person that apparently goes around killing such a wide selection of God’s creatures for no apparent reason other than to satisfy some deep seated need to KILL and prove his manhood?. All those critters appear in my yard, and I welcome them as long as they aren’t pests—-if they become “pesty”, I employ non-lethal means to control them.

            What have squirrels, raccoons, possums, skunks and ground hogs ever done to you, Idiot-Poet? The only one of those that I ever shot was the squirrel, (as well as some rabbits, pheasant, and grouse—-we ate what we shot), and I gave that up in my 20’s. Only targets since.

            And I am actually quite appalled that you think a pellet gun is “enough” gun for animals as large as a raccoon, possum, or ground hog—-even squirrels shot with a 12 gauge don’t always die easy. In the USMC, we were taught “one shot, one kill”, and we were given large enough weapons to accomplish that. Maybe we should issue pellet guns to our troops so that they can torture their adversaries with a couple or three dozen wounds?

            Oh well, I suppose we should be thankful that Idiot-Poet is slaughtering defenseless and blameless animals rather than school children.

          • FYI, the largest thing I hit with the .177 was a 15-pound ground hog.  One shot, one kill.

            This evening I ate my take-out supper al fresco, and spotted a red squirrel climbing a nearby walnut tree.  The pellet took it under the left foreleg and left a large exit wound in the back on the right rib cage; if the heart wasn’t hit directly, the aorta was probably severed.  It literally did not move for a couple of seconds, then it fell to the ground.  It didn’t even twitch.

            Red squirrels are very destructive to property, especially if they start to nest in buildings.  I keep a number of traps set for them, but hunting pressure is the only thing that keeps them away.

            Once my garden starts coming up, my attention will transfer to rabbits.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            I-Pot has such a strange sense of humor and thought processes that it’s hard to tell when he is trying to make a joke and/or simply stir the pot. I will assume he is serious here and respond accordingly.

            Unlike most of us, who dine al fresco to enjoy the outdoors while eating a meal and only take knives and forks outside with us, I-Pot apparently views it as an opportunity to slaughter harmless wildlife for fun and takes a gun with him also.

            A “large exit wound”? Did he run right out there in the middle of the meal to confirm that? How appetizing! At least it died quietly, which may not be the case with the rabbits that I-Pot will begin to slaughter soon—-ever hear a wounded rabbit scream?

            Humans are very destructive to living things, especially when they view them as objects to exploit and take joy in killing them rather than simply live with them. Of course, your typical conservative values property and profit above living things, so I-Pot is perhaps merely being true to his nature.

          • I am a top predator and defend my home and my food supply from competitors and parasites, DOG.  If you do also, your ranting at me makes you a hypocrite; if you don’t, the parasites and competitors will quickly make you a corpse.  Either way, I win.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Winner? You lost this particular debate long ago, I-Pot.

            You are a “top predator” only in your own delusional mind, and against critters that are virtually defenseless. Go into the wild and “defend” against a grizzly, polar bear, lion, tiger, crocodile, or cougar (or go swimming with Great Whites). I oubt you would have the courage.

            I’m done with you on this thread. Since you have no real arguments to make, it is getting tedious. Feel free to “strut” in front of your mirror—-you’re the only one watching anyway.

  4. greenman3610 Says:

    OK, guys.. Let’s take a different direction. or a pill, whatever is closest at hand.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Fine by me. I really have no desire to help I-Pot further embarrass himself. I do hope he takes your advice about taking his meds. I suspect he will, now that the “fun time” of the weekend has passed and he needs to get it together and go to work.

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