Global Leaders Meet to Discuss Climate Change

May 6, 2014

From “Follow the Leaders”, an  installation by Isaac Cordal


11 Responses to “Global Leaders Meet to Discuss Climate Change”

  1. omnologos Says:

    Down with bald people!

  2. omnologos Says:

    Come on dumb don’t be such a crybaby

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Yet another idiotic retort from the village idiot. Crybaby?

      Omno is trying to project his own inadequacies on me. Rather than admit that he made a stupid and unthinking remark just to get people to look at him, he doubles down with more of the same, and with false bravado to boot. He must have led a miserable childhood, considering how much other kids must have picked on him.

      Baldness is irrelevant here, Omno, except for the fact that it may symbolize “oldness”, which perhaps tends to be an attribute of world “leaders” and businessmen. If Omno had been intellectually curious enough to follow the “installation” link, he would have realized that Cordal has used hundreds of these exact same figures symbolically in some very moving and evocative ways in the various “installations” he has done around the world.

      Omno is too freaking stupid to go beyond the “bald” and see that this post is a visual equivalent of one of Peter’s music posts. Nice job, Peter. Ignore Omno (if you can).

  3. I think he is trying to say that the leaders are not leaders and that following them will result in an Oliver and Hardy like conversation. I thought you knew where you were going so I followed you… Then an echo….

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