CBS Summary of US Global Change Report

May 6, 2014

Generally good coverage of the US Global Change report big rollout.


12 Responses to “CBS Summary of US Global Change Report”

  1. redskylite Says:

    See the CNN international report below: (don’t read the comments)

    5 things you can do about climate change

    I’m working on most of the points, need to change my car though, wish I could afford a Tesla and they started distribution in my country.

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  3. Climate change ‘has moved firmly into the present,’ U.S. report says

  4. […] in the USA will not need to be told that the recent, third, National Climate Assessment has finally broken the almost (*) total silence of the mainstream media on climate […]

  5. climate is in constant change – some places for better others for worse – the phony GLOBAL warming is just that ”phony”

    human can change the climate = chop the forest = you are creating a semi desert / plant trees where is no trees = you are improving the climate

    make new dams, that prevents floods and droughts… but that will not be done, until people are concentrating and badmouthing the essential CO2..

    It’s funny when: people are exhaling CO2 from their lungs -> using that CO2 for their vocal cords – to badmouth CO2… It’s not fair to the CO2, isn’t it?

    on ”Skeptic’s” blogs restricting Warmist to comment – also on Warmist blogs where skeptics are absent = is guillotining freedom of speech = surrendering democracy for silly ideologies.

    Is there any ”secular” Skeptics &Warmist left?

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