75 Percent in US Want to Know More About Climate

May 6, 2014

Two Weeks ago I spoke at a High School advanced Science class in Southern Michigan. On Friday I was in a middle school classroom here locally. I think its part of the mission.

Turns out lots of Americans know they should know more about climate.

Carbon Brief:

A new study reveals significant gaps in many north Americans’ knowledge about climate change. But the vast majority want to know much more, and 75 per cent want to see climate change taught in schools according to new  research from the Yale Forum on Climate Change Communication. We’ve picked five of the most interesting graphs from the research.

1. Hunger for more knowledge 

The study also revealed many Americans don’t have a very high opinion of their own knowledge about climate change. Only one in 10 say they are “very well informed” about how the climate system works or the different causes, consequences or potential solutions to climate change. 51 to 52 per cent say they are “fairly well informed”.

But a large majority – 75 per cent – say they would like to know more and, as the graph below shows, 75 per cent say schools should teach children about climate change. 68 per cent say they would welcome a national education programme to teach Americans about the issue.

Good News – Americans trust our leading scientific institutions to have good information about climate. Which is why so many denialist screeds start out with “New NASA study says…” followed by the distortion.  The tribute vice pays to virtue.

Americans’ most trusted sources of information about climate change are the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Science Foundation, scientists, specialist channels showing science programmes and museums.

3 Responses to “75 Percent in US Want to Know More About Climate”

  1. andrewfez Says:

    Well if you presently click this link and read all the well informed arguments in the comments section, you’ll see a lot of people that get it:


    It’s ‘live’ event and i’m watching in real time as the voice of dissent is being heavily drowned out by well formulated arguments, whilst Senators Whitehouse and Waxman, and President Obama tweet out their opinions. It feels like the winds are changing in a positive direction; that the silent majority (those that are not denialists) are starting to tug on the rope, that momentum is materializing.

  2. rayduray Says:

    White House releases National Climate Assessment:



    In brief, it’s hot as hell when we aren’t drowning.

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