Trailer: “Blood Glacier”

May 4, 2014

Looks like this one has everything. Revenge of the Alpine Ice?

7 Responses to “Trailer: “Blood Glacier””

  1. uknowispeaksense Says:

    Oh dear. I’m reminded of Blood Beach. “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, you couldn’t get to it.” I’m thinking this one might be unintentionally hilarious.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      I don’t like to think that any of these kinds of movies are NOT “intentionally hilarious”. If the movie makers really thought the public was dumb enough to take them as anything BUT a huge spoof, then we are well and truly doomed.

      This one looks like it has everything—-can’t wait to see how the scene with the screaming female scientist wielding the electric drill plays out.

      PS The original THE THING and Tremors are still my all -time favorites, although Sharknado is a contender. I saw The Thing at a Saturday matinee when I was ten years old, and dozens of kids ran screaming from the theater at THE scene. In the UFO days of the 1950’s, it was a “serious” movie.

      PPS Does this movie have an eco-twist? Is it a play on the biblical plagues? Is God mad at us? Are the bible-thumpers going to “do another Noah” on us?

      • seanmccorkle Says:

        Have to agree it looks promising. I have a real weakness for new & unusual monsters out in the arctic or frozen areas. I suspect this will be something along the lines of two rather good X-files episodes: one where ancient worm creatures are found in the ice in the arctic, and another where ancient luminous green photophobic mites have been released from a ring layer of a really old redwood that shouldn’t have been logged.
        Agree with you on “The Thing” and “Tremors”. And lets not forget “Smilla’s Sense of Snow”!

        • ubrew12 Says:

          Agreed. this is “The Thing”. With so much truly great, original SciFi in literature, do we need to remake John Campbell again? Oops. Did I say ‘original’? Well, there you have it.
          “Where are you now, Steven Spielberg? Our Nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Ooo Ooo Oo!”

  2. Alan Olson Says:

    Total crap. Why in these times could anyone over the age of 12 concern themselves with such.., oh, wait; what’s that….. ARGUUHHHHHHHH.

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