Rain Saturated Street Collapse in Baltimore

May 2, 2014

Watch the video, make sure you catch the last 30 seconds.

When crumbling infrastructure meets climate and weather extremes. Since Congress cares about neither one, look for more of this.

Weather Channel:

The heaviest rain has ended in the Northeast, but investigators and cleanup crews continue to deal with landslides in two separate states.

The largest of the two happened in Baltimore’s busy Charles Village neighborhood Wednesday, when a retaining wall buckled on 26th Street, sending cars and mud tumbling 75 feet onto CSX railroad tracks.

Neighbor Dana Moore watched it happen.

It was there and then it wasn’t,” she told the Baltimore Sun.

No one was injured but homes were evacuated so investigators could assess the area’s stability. Structural engineers placed markers along the road to monitor conditions.

DOT and the Baltimore City Fire Department continued to remove more vehicles and debris Thursday.

15 Responses to “Rain Saturated Street Collapse in Baltimore”

  1. redskylite Says:

    Scary footage, rains are getting heavier and more damaging, engineering needs to be stronger to meet with modern times.

  2. Landslides are part of the picture of future and ultimately now climate change. The Northeast is receiving about 75% more extreme rainfalls than in the past.

  3. Dear citizens we must cut corporate taxes even further and put off infrastructure repairs on the back burners otherwise the job creators will abandon us.


  4. I think it is NOT about congress (only). It is about all of us.


  5. Hay Gee Says:

    Half the people in Baltimore dream about owning their own homes.

    The other half dream about breaking in to them.

    Rain in Baltimore caused by the global warming hoax!!!!!


    Tooooo Funny!!!!!

    • [Rain in Baltimore caused by the global warming hoax!!!!!


      Tooooo Funny!!!!!]

      Extreme storms have increased by 74%. Does this storm qualify as extreme?

    • redskylite Says:

      What so funny ?, the weather station for Baltimore shows a . 2 degree rise for each decade.

      Temperature Trend, °C / Decade
      Time Range: – 1980 – 2010
      Baltimore/Blt-Washington Int’L 0.20
      Washington 0.16

      or are you another sceptic on measuring instruments ? more warming means more water vapour, means heavier rain. Not a laughing matter at all.

      Take Afghanistan

      Temperature Trend, °C / Decade
      Time Range: – 1960 -2000
      Mazar-I-Shari 0.22
      Herat 0.29
      Kabul Airport 0.40

      Warmer air = more moisture


    • dumboldguy Says:

      What’s not funny is the level of your mental malfunctioning. You need help—maybe mfellion can get his mental health professional to see you.

  6. rayduray Says:

    Baltimore, meet Badakhshan:


    Ah, so. Oso, redux?

  7. […] happens. But as this week’s retaining wall collapse in Baltimore shows, stuff happens a lot more frequently when you push it with weather […]

  8. Nick Carter Says:

    Toppled onto the CSX railroad tracks. Isn’t that the RR that’s shipping tar sands? Don’t know if this is good news or bad 😛

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Yeah, CSX ships a lot of oil, maybe more Bakken than tar sands, though, after picking it up from BNSF and CP Rail. CSX is also a big carrier of coal, along with the only other major railroad left in the east, Norfolk Southern, which railroad also transports Bakken and tar sands “oil”. Shipping oil has always been a big part of the railroad business, going back to John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil.

      This collapse won’t slow them down much—not as much as the tunnel fire in Baltimore did a few years back (and we will pay for it through a rise in shipping rates rather than the shareholders taking a hit on dividends—-who knows, maybe they have insurance?)

  9. […] 2014/05/02: PSinclair: Rain Saturated Street Collapse in Baltimore […]

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