Anti-EV Flyers Pop up on Teslas

May 1, 2014



People are apparently leaving fliers on Tesla cars in San Francisco, warning drivers that owning a Tesla means they are involved in “organized crime.”

The flier accuses Tesla of “manipulating Congress” and questions the safety of lithium ion batteries.

“Lithium ion batteries blow up if they get wet or bumped,” the flier reads. “They have already burned planes, cars, homes & children. There have been tens of thousands of lithium ion battery fires & explosions. Tesla’s (sic) have over 7000 “non-automotive designed” batteries in each car, that means over 7000 chances of having a catastrophic fire.”

The flier also speculates that Google is a “silent partner” of Tesla’s.

“Tesla audio and location tracking can be remotely monitored with two clicks of a mouse,” the flier reads. “Google hushes up bad news about Tesla. By driving a Tesla you are supporting spying.”

It’s not clear who is behind this, but the flier ultimately urges Tesla owners to give the car back. Check it out here.



15 Responses to “Anti-EV Flyers Pop up on Teslas”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    Does it surprise me that US Americans are vulnerable to any kind of conspiracy theories? Not at all.

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