Vice Media Interview with Jason Box

April 21, 2014

Hat tip to reader todaysguestis for pointing this out in a comment thread. I thought it was good enough to make a post of its own. Dr. Jason Box is interviewed at length on the Greenland ice by Vice Media, part of HBO.

This is one more indication that the Dark Snow Project has been more than meeting its communication goals. More news coming on some very compelling scientific results, as well.  I’ll be making some more detailed announcements soon, but by all means, go check out the Dark Snow site, and if you can, support this work.

3 Responses to “Vice Media Interview with Jason Box”

  1. redskylite Says:

    “Out of sight out of mind” who can still trivialize climate change after watching this shocking video, “exceeds IPCC worst case scenario by 60 years”.

    This really and starkly brings home the reality of sea level rise in the not so far future. Several positive feedbacks set in motion, forest fires – dark snow – forest fires, more melt – less albedo – more warming, with no end in sight.

    Governments, people and industry please lets not rely on space mirrors or “Highlander” type shields as a fix.

  2. […] 2014/04/21: PSinclair: Vice Media Interview with Jason Box […]

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