Could El Nino Take the Edge off California’s Drought?

April 9, 2014

Paul Douglas with a winter wrap-up and look forward at California’s ongoing drought.

5 Responses to “Could El Nino Take the Edge off California’s Drought?”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    As always, Paul shows great graphics. Liked the one showing the water levels in various reservoirs. Some of the ones in the far south were nearly full, but they are small and will be hard to replenish if and when the larger reservoirs in the north run dry. They are living uncomfortably close to the edge.

    Folks in CA had better hope that an El Nino arrives later this year and that it has its usual effects on Southern and Central CA. If it doesn’t happen, they will be in huge trouble. They are going to have a tough summer as it is.

    • rayduray Says:

      CA Reservoirs:

      The really important reservoirs to the artificial system that waters SoCal are the Shasta and Oroville reservoirs (along with the woefully low Lake Mead and Lake Powell). One year ago, both lakes were above 100% of their historical levels for the date. Now they are at 62% and 65% respectively. This is a significant improvement since January, when these two were at about 35% of normal fill for the date.

      If we get a super El Nino as the indicators are starting to suggest, it will still be about 9 months from now when Cali can expect any significant precipitation. We’re locked in to drought conditions throughout the summer and fall, IMO.

  2. climatebob Says:

    Funilly enough I have just done a blog on this. Mine is an observation not a scientific report.

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