March 31, 2014

Let me know what you think of this reporting.

19 Responses to “CBS on IPCC”

  1. peaksurfer Says:

    CBS ran this as the second segment, behind the General Motors recall. NBC led with the story but it was similarly lightweight. ABC was the worst of the big 3. They buried it after half a dozen other stories, including the latest no new news about the lost Malaysian airplane. And this will be the last you hear on this until some event like a killer drought or hurricane forces them to devote 2 minutes again.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Could have been worse. Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News had a similar report that was somewhat better. I found two parts here to be especially distasteful:

    1) The “while no one weather event can be attributed to climate change…” disclaimer early on in the piece. When are the “newsies” (and even the scientists) going to start talking about the probabilities of so many extreme events happening with such frequency? Even my idiot Tea Party neighbor sees enough to say “something’s going on with the weather”. Why can’t it be said “Things are going badly with the climate JUST AS THE SCIENTISTS HAVE PREDICTED, and it’s happening faster and going more badly than they thought it would”.

    2) The bit at the end to the effect that “we don’t know how hot it will get and how fast” and “we have to plan how to ADAPT”. More obfuscation and head-in-the-sand. The public needs to be told it’s getting hotter faster every time we turn around and look at the data, and be disabused of the idea that small steps are really any sort of meaningful “adaptation”. We have diddled around long enough—-if we do so for another 20 or 30 years, it will likely be too late to “adapt”.

    PS In addition to the coffee-growing regions, I’ve read that the tea growers in India are also saying that changing climate is going to negatively affect the tea crop. If cocoa-growing regions are similarly affected, it will be a good opportunity for Monsanto or Dow to synthesize replacements for our “hot drink favorites”—-using fossil fuel as a feedstock, of course, so that the Kochs can get rich off it.

    • You’re correct, and that’s probably a good summary of how most people posting here feel. But give the news editors some credit. They mouthed some of the words of the corporate line, but the pictures did all the talking. Given the pictures and saying the words “climate change” they’re already ahead of where they were. Explaining all those events happening at the same time is going to force the right wing media into working overtime.

    • ubrew12 Says:

      By the numbers: this is a 2 min report that spends HALF its time (50sec) talking about COFFEE!!! When its finally done threatening your morning buzz it throws up its hands with an “Eh, nothing we can do about it except ADAPT to it” (sweet words to Exxon).

      As you mention, that word ‘Adapt’ is becoming troublesome. We’re addicted to Oil, so like good addicts CLING to such Words with all our Might. In the context of that addiction, we need our media to point out the FACT that adaptation without mitigation is a death sentence. We either face up to the addiction, and wean ourselves off the addictive substance, or it KILLS us. There’s no middle ground.

    • NPR recently had a little feature on caffeine (I thought it was on Science Friday but it’s apparently not there).  A surprising amount of it is synthesized in one non-descript building in China.  We’ll have to find other ways to flavor it, but the basic supply doesn’t appear to be under threat.

  3. Relative to low expectations, I’m more positive than other commentators given that it’s a 2 minute segment on broadcast news. At least, they didn’t not present silly “balance” from the other side. Stories like this serve to make people more susceptible to what must be ultimately accomplished by a one on one ground game. In my case, creating more knowledge and concern among friends, small groups and random people (few who escape a climate conversation) has been a process – typically requiring repeated efforts.

  4. toby52 Says:

    ON Britain’s Sky News (owned by Rupert Murdoch) I watched a bulletin that did not mention the IPCC report at all, let alone comment on it. In fairness, it may have been mentioned on other bulletins.

    Apparently, the seach for the Malaysian Airlines flight, and Oscar Pistorius, were more important stories. Depressing.

  5. rayduray Says:

    Compare to the Real News Network’s interview with Michael Mann:

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