GOP Goes Urban Cool with Cracked Pro-Big-Oil “Millennial” Ads. Hilarity Ensues.

March 22, 2014

The GOP, which has lately, according to its own internal polling and focus groups, been identified by young people as not just anti-science, but stodgy, old-fashioned, homophobic, and racist – responds with a series of ads that are some 60 year old country clubber white guy’s idea of something the kids will really like.

I’ll admit, they did find an actor who would look right at home in a Competitive Enterprise Institute basement cubicle – see above, and immediately below – then read on.

Talking Points Memo:

On Friday “Daily Show” alumnus John Oliver teased his new HBO show, “Last Week Tonight,” by posting a clip to YouTube mocking new ads released by the Republican National Committee ostensibly aimed at younger voters.

The ads, featuring a scruffy twenty-something Scott Greenberg complaining about the price of gas and unemployment—brought on by pesky big government regulations—were largely panned by multiple outlets when they dropped this week.

Beyond the somewhat stilted acting and script, criticism has centered on fact-checking Greenberg’s complaints. National Journal noted that “Greenberg is reportedly vexed over gas prices, but prices are actually down from where they’ve been in the last two years,” while Salon’s Alex Pareene pointed out that none of Greenberg’s policy solutions are exclusive to the GOP, quipping, “but, you know, ‘whatever,’ as the millennials say.”

Enter the satirist: Oliver’s new series skewers the ads with a couple parodies, introducing a similarly dressed hipster-type who is clearly reading lines off screen (“next card”) and listing his conservative leanings.

“I don’t like it when people tell me what to do, like, ‘you should buy healthcare,’ or ‘don’t carry a concealed weapon into this park,” complains doppelganger Josh Gondelman.

“Standard deductions are boom-shaka-laka,” he concludes with a deadpan stare.

Watch the segments below:


One Response to “GOP Goes Urban Cool with Cracked Pro-Big-Oil “Millennial” Ads. Hilarity Ensues.”

  1. andrewfez Says:

    Nice 7% approval rating in the Youtube up/down-vote graphic.

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